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PDF RLM HTTP Server Overview:
A typical default WebSphere configuration will serve non-SSL requests on port 9080 and SSL requests on port 9443. ... https ://HOSTNAME:8443/RLM....... (Default for Tomcat) https ://HOSTNAME:9443/RLM....... (Default for WebSphere) Configuring the Servlet for SDSF, HTML and MESSAGELOG access.
CMS-XML How to install the SBM certificate into the ZMF Connector (ALM Connector) java keystore
... via SSL / HTTPS to secure sites ... ... _URL= http \:/ ... ... _URL= https \:/ ... ... _EVENTMANAGERURL= http \:/ ... SBM_ALF_EVENTMANAGERURL= https \://localhost\:8243/eventmanager/services/ALFEventManager ... In the RLC Plugin Administrator, be sure to update the path to the ZMF Connector to also use HTTPS and the correct port. ... This KB S140385 article has a tool you can use to test whether the https url you are attempting to use is now considered secure by Java.
CMS-XML When adding a promote, demote, or audit ZMF task to a Release Package, get "ERROR: Server not available"
... way SSL is setup for RLC to ... ... url=" https :// ... at org.apache. http .conn.ssl.AbstractVerifier.verify( at org.apache. http .conn.ssl.SSLSocketFactory.connectSocket( at org.apache. http .impl.conn.DefaultClientConnectionOperator.openConnection(
CMS-XML Add native capability in SBM Configurator to enable HSTS when HTTPS is enabled and HTTP is disabled
Add native capability in SBM Configurator to enable HSTS when HTTPS is enabled and HTTP is disabled
CMS-XML Composer fails to connect to the repository using HTTPS after successfully connecting using HTTP
Connection to the repository might fail with: Failed to retrieve valid security token from https ://ApplicationRepositoryServer:8243/idp/services/trust for user (username)
CMS-XML The OK does not close window in Web Administrator when editing a user and using https
(1) when using http : - open the web administrator and edit a user. Make a change and select OK. Change is saved and window closed.
CMS-XML How to configure SDA to send completion notifications to Release Control
Method type: PUT Uri: http ://SBM_CS_HOST:SBM_CS_PORT/rlc/rest/deploy/autoprocess/notification/SDA Body: ${}:${p:finalStatus}
CMS-XML When configuring two-way SSL for Release Control, you must update the port number saved by SBM Configurator
One-way SSL values: server.url= https ://hostname:8243
CMS-XML How to configure one-way and two-way SSL for Release Control and ZMF Connector
<Connector port="8443" SSLEnabled="true" scheme=" https " secure="true" sslProtocol="TLS" sslEnabledProtocols="TLSv1.2,TLSv1.1,TLSv1"
CMS-XML HTTP Basic Authentication set by default after running Create Database Wizard
To reproduce: 1) Perform a new install of 2) Finish wizard mode in Configurator, and note that you need to run the Create New Database wizard in System Administrator before auth settings are configurable.
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