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CMS-XML Problem: Last Note not being imported from import file to the last record OR the last field of the last record is not imported correctly but is set to the default value for the field.
If this is not feasible, place another field which will NOT be mapped in the import file. The file will then import with no further noted problems and you can change the option settings on choice/user/number/ date as necessary.
CMS-XML Problem: STRING or CHOICE FIELD was not updated when using the Tracker Update SCR form
08:25:33 *REPAIR* Marked field Document Date with fldId = 51 in OATSCCRDB.trkfld table as non recoverable.
CMS-XML TRK: How to ensure that Tracker I-Net users see dates in the correct format
On NT it is not possible to run IIS as anything other than the default user. On Win2000 and XP it is possible to set IIS (or Netscape/iPlanet) to run as a named user. If this is done, then the settings above need to be changed for the user ID that is being used - the safest way to do that is by logging on as that user and using the Control Panel to set the required values.
CMS-XML TRKLINK: User prompted to login
Trackerlink - User is prompted to login to Tracker project each time an association is required Ensure that the 'Auto-Login to project option is enabled' in Trackerlink configuration.
CMS-XML TRK: Tracker user logs on, the License Manager adds another entry to SQL Server licenses
Every time a Tracker user logs on , the License Manager adds another entry to SQL Server licenses.
CMS-XML Problem: TrackerLink and VC++ gives error messages when logging in
After you set up autolog, the first time you connect to each project, you must log into every subproject. After the first completed log-in to the project, subsequent log-ins will require only one log-in screen.
CMS-XML Problem: Tracker hangs during or after logging in.
Check for Tracing being turned on for the ODBC driver: Launch the ODBC Administrator, select the tab that says "Tracing". If "All the Time " or "One-time only" is selected change the selection to "Don't Trace"
CMS-XML Will Tracker be affected by the DST time change in 2007 ?
Daylight Savings Time will begin March 11, 2007 instead of April 1 (the first Sunday of April). Daylight Savings Time will end November 4, 2007 instead of October 28 (the last Sunday in October). This will have an impact on Serena TeamTrack browser users.
CMS-XML About: Differences in Original Trend Report and Custom State = Open Trend Report
SCRs based on the text fields in the SCR--submit date, close date, and so on--whereas Custom Trend Reports match SCRs based on their change history--the actual last date the SCR was changed. Here is a table representing the differences
MS-WORD PVCS Tracker 3.0 Database Schema Contents
The date and time this report was last modified. Tracker does not display this value anywhere.
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