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CMS-XML What needs to change in Tracker to connect to renamed SQL Server?
Use SQL Server Client Utility to modify the existing, or to create a new connection to the SQL server. For Tracker 7 you will also need to edit the existing Server Definition.
CMS-XML TRK: SQL Server switches to 'Single User Mode' and prevents Tracker Users from logging on.
TRK: SQL Server switches to 'Single User Mode' and prevents Tracker Users from logging on.
CMS-XML How To: Change default character set
The default character set of the Open Client should be the same as the default on the server . If it isn't then you can have the following in a description, note or string field: "Can't find locked versions"
CMS-XML Problem: Password change for PVCS Tracker 6.5.
Upon preparation of a DBMS Server , Tracker creates a user ID called Tracker.Typically this ID is used for the generic Tracker user. Page 93 of the TrackerAdministrator Guide mentions that the ID is Tracker and the password for this IDis intersolv. This is incorrect.
CMS-XML Error: #1122 Unable to access Project file/Server Not prepared when logging into Tracker Admin
Customer moved all Tracker programs and data files to a new server. Relative path names stayed the same, only the drive letter changed . When the user next tried to log in into the server using Tracker Admin program, the user encountered an error message indicating that the Tracker Projects file could not be accessed.
CMS-XML TRKINET: A keyword search is hanging the server when all other users are trying to perform actions.
************************************ If you have a version of Tracker later than 7.1, please feel free to perform the following changes on the Web Server running Tracker I-Net: Modify the registry on a per project basis:
CMS-XML TRK: How to redirect a server URL to the Tracker I-Net login page using IIS
Change the link (if you put it on the page) to your own URL for your Tracker server's login page, as in
CMS-XML Problem: TRKINET: Internet Explorer could not open the site http://myserver/trackbin/wtms.dll . The connection with the server was reset .Using Tracker Inet with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 and Netscape FastTrack Server 3.01
" message. To fix the problem you must set the "HTTP Persistent Connection Timeout' value to 0' in your Netscape FastTrack server. To change the setting:
MS-WORD Tracker 5 has three parts: a database, an application, and three interfaces. The database contains the data Tracker manages and displays to the user. The Tracker application manages the users’ access to the data such as queries, submission of new Change R
To configure a web server: Either manually start the utility by selecting PVCS Tracker I-NET Configuration from the INTERSOLV Program Group or use the utility as it was launched by the Setup program. In the Configure a Server for Tracker I-NET dialog box, select the web server you want to configure and click Next.
CMS-XML SLM: How to configure SLM (Serena License Manager) and its clients for a redundant server environment
Example of combined changes : Before: SERVER this_host 012c297f1214
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