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CMS-XML TRK I-net: Java Script error when doing an action that requires a new window to open.
TRK I-net: Java Script error when doing an action that requires a new window to open.
CMS-XML Problem: #1526 Tracker 4.0GA copy.iss/nocopy.iss is not created on installation
The silent install scripts (copy.iss & nocopy.iss) are not created on the installation of 16-bit Tracker 4.0GA.
If the Default DBMS Login option is being used the Oracle DBA needs to run the UTLMONTR.SQL script . This will make the V$SESSION public.
CMS-XML How To: Reset SCR numbers under Sybase/Oracle databases.
The following scripts will reset the SCR ID numbers to the unique id's contained within the SCR records. There are a couple of caveats though.
CMS-XML Problem: Converting 2.2 project to 4.0 causing corruption of time fields
The manual workaround is to remove 28800 (8 hours) from each date field. The following scripts were used in SQLServer to remove the extra 8 hours : for the change history -
CMS-XML TRK: GUI does not correctly display accented characters in detail pane
Such behaviour can also be seen on the Submit or Update forms - there have even been cases where selecting Submit or Update can cause script errors. These symptoms can occur when the "auto-select" page-encoding setting in
CMS-XML How To: Clear users from Tracker before performing a backup without using Tracker Admin
Write a sql script that will change the trkmaster.trkproc table to set the procfrcoff to 6. Tracker polls this information once a minute. After one minute, Tracker will shutdown automatically for the user gracefully.
CMS-XML How To: Extracting time values from Tracker records using Report Assistant with Oracle
After user has chosen project(s) and field(s) to include in the report, the Report Assistant generates a SQL script that will create a table with desired fields. Below is a sample of the Report Assistant window with the top portion of the SQL script.
CMS-XML Error: TRKINET : Error 405 Method Not Allowed
On the Virtual Directory tab, select Execute (including script ) Click OK and restart the web server.
CMS-XML Installing the Tracker I-Net client without allowing ActiveX controls - Tracker 7.0.15 SP5
be enabled for JavaScript and an Applet to run (even if it is installed locally as below): "ActiveX/ Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting " "Scripting/Active scripting"
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