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In Oracle 7.0 and 7.1, you must specifically set V$SESSION as public. To do this, run the Oracle 7 script UTLMONTR.SQL against the database immediately after it has been created. For more information about UTLMONTR.SQL, see the Oracle Installation and Configuration Guide.
CMS-XML Problem: User gets "unable to access project database. You may not have database permissions, or the database is missing" error connecting to a Tracker project on Oracle.
Attached is a SQL script which will add the required permissions. Prior to running the script the following steps must be followed:
TEXT chklic_bat.txt
echo * %PROG% could not create the directory "%Dest%". echo * You may have to run this script as an Administrator.
CMS-XML About: Program to get stress timings from Tracker I-Net
The script .exe file requires an ini file that tells it what to run . You start the script.exe program with the following syntax:
CMS-XML PVCS Tracker 7.1.00 Service Pack 3
... .8 A Script Error Occurs If ... ... Tracker Users are Running 4.13 ... Assistant Does Not Function with the Sybase ... ... In Tray" Function [1026266] ... ... 1033237] When running a query that ... ... improve performance when running the statement. ... .8 A Script Error Occurs If ... ... Tracker Users are Running The service pack that users are running is now displayed ... ... Assistant Does Not Function with the Sybase ... ... open for a long period of time ... ... depending upon the length of the file ... ... Depending upon the length of the data ... ... was a problem running queries that contained ...
CMS-XML Installing the Tracker I-Net client without allowing ActiveX controls - Tracker 7.0.15 SP5
... to download and run . ... an Applet to run (even if ... ... "ActiveX/ Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting " " Scripting /Active scripting " " Scripting / Scripting of Java applets ... ... "ActiveX/ Run ActiveX controls and ... ... be enabled to run the Applet after ... ... "ActiveX/ Run ActiveX controls and ... ... ActiveX options for running "administrator approved ... ... ", but run without ActiveX options ... Download and run the executable ... As long as the first set of controls above is set, the client will run correctly, without any <OBJECT> tags on the pages and without any applet permissions.
CMS-XML TRK: Error: "Submission of your SCR has failed" - OR - Error:"The Filename you entered is invalid or does not exist"
Then, select Start | Run ... as known otherwise server, running computer of name> ... Set the Execute permission to " Scripts and Executables" on Trackbin and Trackdoc directories
CMS-XML How To: Extracting time values from Tracker records using Report Assistant with Oracle
... statement in the script creates the test ... This modification uses to_date function to convert the integer value in x22 field to an Oracle date format, then converts the result to a character datatype using to_char function with HH:MM:SS format. Running a query on the resulting ChRqTsample table will display the test_time in the HH:MM:SS format.
CMS-XML TRK: ReadMe For PVCS Tracker 7.1.10
In Tray: "Remove from In Tray" Function [1026266] ... 5.1.40 Ampersand in Project Name Causes Script Errors in Tracker I-Net [1017219]
CMS-XML TRK: Error: ORA-00997 illegal use of LONG datatype
The 'Description' field has a datatype of long , and will therefore cause a illegal select statement to be run within Oracle. Removing this field will solve the problem.
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