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CMS-XML How To run Chklic on Linux/Unix and Windows
If you are running SLM 2.2 .0 or older, click here . Note that upgrading to SLM 2.3.0 is strongly recommended.
CMS-XML SLM: How to determine your version of Serena License Manager
... - Open the SLM GUI and look ... ... - Starting with SLM 2.1 ... , contains the SLM version as part ... ... the server is running SLM 2.1 ... ... file in the SLM install directory and ... SLM Version FLEXlm Version FLEXlm (v9. 2 ) 2 .1. ... 2.2 .0 FlexNet ... 2.2 .0. ... ... Newer versions of SLM are not being ... SLM Version FLEXlm Version 2.2 .0 FlexNet ... 2.2 .0. ... SLM Version FLEXlm Version FLEXlm (v9. 2 )
CMS-XML SLM: How to configure SLM (Serena License Manager) and its clients for a redundant server environment
... using a Redundant License Server configuration. The license server configuration requires that ... ... a quorum the license server on that system ... ... any of the license servers . ... to obtain Redundant License Server configuration keys. ... single-server SLM keys, keys ... 3-server SLM quorum (triad ... ... pasted into your Serena License Manager . ... for your redundant license server configuration (and ... ... with a redundant license server key. Every license server needs to be ... contact the other license servers . ... required as of SLM 2.2 .0, ... If the SLM servers will be ...
CMS-XML No licenses are read by the License Manager ; hostid is ffffffff
of the SLM Server service ( SLM 2.3.0 or newer) or Serena License Server service ( SLM 2.2 .0 or older) from Automatic ... To do this launch the Services manager (e.g. by running services.msc ... Services for other heritage Serena products running on the same machine may have to be delayed as well, since they depend on the License Server to be operational.
CMS-XML MLM: How to obtain a license when License Manager has no internet connection.
Install the Merant License Manager onto the appropriate machine. If you are running License Manager v2.0.0.0 prior to build B071, go to a command prompt and obtain the HOSTID of the machine by typing lmutil lmhostid from the directory where the License Manager was installed to.
CMS-XML How to enable SLM client logging?
Create a registry key in regedit.exe. On 64-bit Operating Systems running 64-bit software or on 32-bit Operating Systems:
CMS-XML The SerenaLicenseServer.log is overwritten each time the Serena License Server is restarted
If the Serena License Server is running on Windows When running as an application, change the file start_license_server.bat
CMS-XML Can you use a secondary license server if all licenses in first server are in use?
If you run a heterogeneous environment, the operating system type that matters is the one where you specify the license server name/IP address, not the one running the license server . The following examples show 2 license servers, but you can specify additional ones by continuing the pattern. For a Serena product running on Windows: @server1;@server2
CMS-XML New Licensing DLL for Tracker 8.0.2 when it is used with SLM 2.1.1
Both DLLs can be found in the ZIP file that is attached to this article. Make sure that Tracker is not running when replacing the DLL to avoid errors in the copy process.
CMS-XML SLM: Certain clients sometimes/consistently cannot connect to the License Server, especially from remote locations
The PVCS VM Administrator runs the following command to change that user's SLM server eference and the license.ini template file:
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