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CMS-XML Problem: #1064 Users stop receiving In Tray or E-mail notifications
feature built into the Tracker Admin tool. This will clear all inactive processes from the trkproc table. It has been noted in some cases that the users usrparm1 value in trkusr is set to an invalid value.
CMS-XML Error: [Intersolv][ODBC SQL Server Driver]ct_connect(): user api layer: internal client library error: read from the server has timed out
4) Click "Remove the inactive part of the log. No log or backup performed"
CMS-XML TRK: Getting notified of an older submitter's SCRs.
In order to get notified of changes to defects that were submitted by someone who no longer exists in the system, or is dormant , the owner of the SCRs can be changed to an appropriate user of your choice. The following are the steps to perform the same:
CMS-XML Trkinet-No drop down list for 'Owner' field
*ERROR* There are records in trkfol table pointing to invalid users. This inidcates that users were removed from the trkusr table rather than being marked as inactive . It appears when reading the field, Trkinet checks Group permissions to see which user groups have the 'Own record'prvilege and stops processing when it finds references to users not listed in the trkusr table.
CMS-XML Problem: # When performing an export in Tracker, not all of the fields are being exported
During the review process, note the fldVid, fldActive and the fldLabel columns. Generally, you will find that there are two fldLabels with the same name with one marked inactive . Delete the line that has the fldActive status of 0 for inactive and the fldslot of 0 or you can rename the fldLabel of this item to a "new bogus name".
To Check Every Time 3.6 I-NET: Unable To Configure Tracker Registry 3.7 I-NET: Jagged Field Columns in Forms on Netscape 3.8 I-NET (Solaris): Must Start Netscape a Second Time 3.9 I-NET: Do Not Resize in Netscape Browser 3.10 I-NET: Netscape Appears Inactive 3.11 I-NET
MS-WORD Creating a Scheduled Task for PVCS Notify
The /x parameter will make PVCS Notify exit as soon as it is done processing. This tactic renders the scheduler in PVCS Notify inactive because the Task Scheduler is scheduling the instances. Make sure your settings in PVCS Notify are set to send as many notifications as you wish each time, otherwise you will get a backlog of notifications.
MS-WORD PVCS Tracker 3.0 Database Schema Contents
When the user deletes a field from the record, the fldActive column for that field is marked as 0. When the user adds a field to the record later, Tracker Admin will try to re-use slots that are not active. A non-string field can always re-use any inactive non-string slot. A string field can only re-use an inactive string slot that has the same or longer length.

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