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CMS-XML Problem: Tracker hangs when logging in.
to pvcstrk.old and restart Tracker. This will create a new, clean ini file. The other method is to write a batch file to delete the existing pvcstrk.ini
CMS-XML TRK: Error: 'project name> already exists...give an unique name'
Clean up the old project. These operations should only be carried out by the Database Administrator. For Oracle:
CMS-XML How To: Convert a dBase project to SQL Server
This document will address issues relating to device creation, and preparation of the Trkmaster on the SQL Server. You also may run into problems converting the project to SQL which may indicate problems with the integrity of the source project (The dBase project). To alleviate this problem it is recommended that you " clean up" this dBase project by first backing up the database and then reindexing and running verify and repair.
CMS-XML Problem: Tracker hangs during or after logging in.
Try renaming the pvcstrk.ini file to pvcstrk.old and restart Tracker. This will create a new clean ini file.
CMS-XML How To: Setup a SQL Server for use with Tracker.
Without setting up a scheduled task these logs will fill up. A DBA should perform this operation. The following examples will clean the logs at set intervals:
CMS-XML TRKLNK I-Net: Tracker login information us ignored when doing an unlock in VM I-Net 7.5.00.
When Cleanup associations on undo checkout is checked in the TrackerLink settings and the user logged into VM I-Net does not have Tracker login information set up, if the user performs an Unlock, they will be prompted to login to Tracker. In VM I-Net 7.5.00 the login will not work and the Unlock action will not complete.
CMS-XML TRK 7.5+: TrackerLink is available in I-Net
Option not available. If the SCR was associated on check out, the map associations dialog will not appear on check in. Cleanup association on undo checkout

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