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CMS-XML How To: Send a dBase Project Into the PVCS Answerline.
Dbase is a file based database that is more susceptible to corruption than their relational counterparts. There
CMS-XML Copy a project from SQL or MSDE to another SQL
An SQL or MSDE based Tracker project consists of two physical files. In the data directory for these files there is a data file and a log file. The normal file extensions for these files are .mdf and .ldf but others exist also.
CMS-XML TRK: Copying dependency and transition information to another project
If this information should be maintained during copying across, then a "copy project" is the right choice. Dependencies and transitions are transferred in a copy project. This is done in "Tracker Admin" by logging into the " Projects " window and adding a new project based on an existing one (Tick " Project Based On An Existing 3.x Project or Later Project ")
CMS-XML How To: -- Copy a dBase project into Oracle
4. Type in the new project name (see display below) 5. Type in the new project database name. 6. Under Create, select ? Project based upon an Existing Tracker 3.x or 4.x project ?.
CMS-XML How To: Move projects in Tracker from one Sql Server to another
Type in the Project Database name. Under the Create Section, select " Project Based On An Existing Version 3.x or 4.x Project ". Under the Copy From section, select "Other Server".
CMS-XML TRK: How to: Converting and saving Tracker projects in dBase Format from Oracle, MS SQL Server or Sybase
· Section "Create": tick Radiobutton " Project Based On An Existing Version 3.x Project or Later Project " · Section "Copy From": tick "Other Server..." · Section "Copy Options": All options have to be ticked
CMS-XML How To: Convert a dBase project to SQL Server
). Now Specify the project and database name (It does not matter if these are the same but makes things cleaner if they are). It will then be necessary to select the radio button " project based upon an existing 3.x or 4.x project .
CMS-XML How To: - Configuring existing projects for Tracker INET
Verify the base URL of the web server. For example, in the following URL,
CMS-XML Install: #1196 How to install Tracker For Web Teams (User runs setup & WebTeam project does not appear in List Projects Window)
You can use the Tracker Administrator application to create a new Tracker project based on the Web Team Learning Project . The new project keeps all the fields, reports, queries and other characteristics defined in the original project.
CMS-XML TRK: 'Unknown database error (3847)' copying project
The following error occurs when creating a new project based on an existing project . 'Unknown database error (3847)' copying project The new server is Oracle and the old server is dBase.
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