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HTML PVCS Tracker I-NET: Code Samples
Invoke the project configuration utility:
MS-WORD How to Create Login buttons for Specific Tracker Projects in Tracker I-Net
It shows the text behind the button, Tracker I-NET, as: <FORM METHOD=" post " ACTION="http://web-server/trackbin/wtms.dll"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="action" VALUE="login">
CMS-XML Error: VIM recipient name is not found in Address Book
"LastName, FirstName" or "FirstName_LastName" Also be aware that if the user is specifying an INTERNET address, they include the INTERNET post office as part of the e-mail address. For example:
CMS-XML Error: #1567 Mail open error: The mail system is not installed correctly.
Tracker and Notify found the VIM.DLL and was using the cc:Mail executables. Unfortunately, it found MS Mail's post office before it found cc:Mail's post office. That is what caused the error.
CMS-XML About: - Information contained within the PVCSTRK.INI file
mail_name= Name of the user to pass to cc:Mail login mail_path= Location of the cc:Mail post office

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