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CMS-XML Error: Error 30 Can't put or unlock revision because it is not locked.
When using Version Manager integration to check workfiles into archives , if there is more than one lock existing on the archive , the following error may occur:
CMS-XML Software Error: PVCS Answerline #728 Ignore Whitespace option onPVCS Difference Rpt in Tracker broken
difference report on two revisions in an archive . One, the
CMS-XML TRK 7.5.00: TrackerLink-GUI: Automatic version label not created during check-in
When checking in modules from VM GUI and associating Tracker issues, the version label is not applied to the new module revision created in the VM archive . [The history information for the new revision is updated correctly, and the Tracker record module association, history are updated properly.] Steps to recreate: Activate TRK 7.5 TrackerLink from start/program/merant/tracker group.
CMS-XML Tracker Patch
A DBA with this patch is able to modify the schema as instructed and apply this patch to all Tracker client installations. This will enable associations to a Version Manager project archive to have longer pathnames. This patch can only be applied to executables where the DBA has modified the schema, it will cause problems if a project is accessed that has not had its schema modified.
CMS-XML TRK: 'No such revision' is displayed in change history for PVCS VM information
As the message states, Tracker was unable to find the revision specified in the change history. This can occur when Tracker is looking at a different copy of the archive which has the same name.
CMS-XML Install: #1118 Tracker 3.0 INSTALLATION fails with "Setup cannot find the PVCS Tracker installation. You must run the PVCS Tracker setup utility before installing the integration diskette."
respectively. This will allow the user to access archive information for instance across an NFS mount on archives that were created in UNIX. This assumes that you still comply to the DOS 8:3 file length standard.
CMS-XML How To: #53834: Enabling Tracker 3.0 to use the Version Manager integration
VCS1.CFG VCSDIR=x:\pvcs\vm\pvcsproj\shifter\ archives ;x:\pvcs\vm\pvcsproj\wolf\ archives VCS2.CFG
CMS-XML How To: How to import a Word document table into Tracker
8. Now the Import Y2K Archive Forms Screen appears. This is the screen that allows you to map the field in the import file to the fields in the Tracker database. Map the Source fields to the correct Destination fields.
CMS-XML Patch for PVCS, Tracker, version 7.5.00
2.1 Enhancement to Display Version Manager Revision Information in Tracker [214670] Users wanted the ability to display revision information in a pulldown list for module associations in Tracker. Previously, users would need to go to Version Manager to see what revision information exists for an archive and then return to Tracker to associate it. This has been fixed with Tracker's version management integration.
HTML raid2.htm
Backups, Full-table scans, index creations, paralell queries, temporary segment reads, recovery from archived redo log files SEQUENTIAL WRITE PERFORMANCE
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