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CMS-XML The VM I-Net file appears to be losing user entries. What can cause this to happen?
The file only contains an activity report for the last 30 days, based on the current calendar date. If a user has not logged into VM I-Net for over 30 days, that user will be removed from the list the next time someone logs in (as this causes the list to get updated ).
CMS-XML File Server ignores Background Processors progress / time-of-last-run on restart
Unfortunately this logic stopped working in VM 8.1.1. Instead, the File Server will start a full Background Processor scan immediately following the first get of a split archive after the File Server has been restarted.
CMS-XML An Explanation of the "Last Modified" and "Checked In" dates and timestamps.
When looking at the output of a Show History report, a command-line vlog or a PCLI vlog command, revisions display two different dates with timestamps. These values may or may not be the same. Why is that and where does this information come from?
CMS-XML VM: Unlock doesn't work but checkin/checkout does
Unless Tracker is updated with valid license information or the evaluation period is extended, Tracker need to be uninstall and the machine need to be rebooted to get the Unlock functionality in Version Manager back. Attach Vantive defect number #1036137 for new cases.
CMS-XML Opening a Project Database can take a very long time when a HOST-based login ID is used and the Access Control Database has an empty Access List Group
Version Manager can take an exceedingly long time to open a Project Database (PDB) if the following are true: The PDB is using a HOST-based login source, and the login ID is set to be case in
CMS-XML Problem: #1453 rcs2pvcs conversion does not retain modify dates on HP
The -M option is supported starting with release 5.6 of RCS. It is used to maintain the last modify date on the instead of using the current date . If the HP-UX machine does have release 5.6 of RCS, it is possible to edit the rcs2pvcs scripts so that the -M options is recognized.
CMS-XML VM:VSS2PVCS: How VM shows the modification dates
The date showing in the versioned files pane is the last check in date , which would be the time of the conversion. To verify that the dates of the revisions was transferred properly, run an archive report on the file. This can be done by right clicking the file to pull up the context menu and selecting "Show History".
CMS-XML About: VM6.5: Date Range Limits
3. Version Manager assumes that any number in the ranges of 80-99 and 1980 - 2100 is a year. 4. The earliest date that you can specify is January 1, 1980; the latest date is December 31, 2100. This is range limitation and is a DTK issue.
CMS-XML Version Manager web client: error message for out of date JRE may refer to incorrect VM release
To detect the version of the VM server from the client, go to Help -> About after logging in . If the File Server component has also been installed, the VM release can also be detected by using the URL http://ServerName
CMS-XML VM: Show History / pcli vlog / vlog Date format changes if the the environment variable LANG is defined.
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