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CMS-XML How to prevent the HOST login source from getting used by VM I-Net 8.1.2 and beyond
While HOST login support in VM I-Net is generally a helpful feature, there are scenarios where a VM Administrator would prefer that VM I-Net users continue to be prompted for a user ID and password on the login page , while still allowing the Desktop UI , Command Line Interface and (R)IDE users to continue using HOST as their login source.
PDF Version Manager Server ReadMe Files
... be able to log in to VM I ... ... cookies to store login information. For further details regarding this issue, please refer to the security bulletin ASB00-15 at the following Web site : ... * If a check-in operation prompts the user for ... 1.0 WHAT'S NEW IN THIS RELEASE 1.1 New User Interface 1.2 Support for All Version Manager Project Database Formats 1.3 File Filters 1.4 Workspaces 1.5 Enhanced File Browsing ... 1.1 New User Interface
CMS-XML How To: Command Line Basics
GET ( Page 155 Command Line Reference)
CMS-XML Support: Understanding Novell Case Sensitivity
... had different code page and country ... with one code page to create files ... ... a different code page could not access ... ... yet another code page . ... a different code page selected from that ... If different code pages are to exist on different workstations, it may be advisable to select ... However, if you have batch files or login ... INSTALL then prompts the customer to reenter the password. ... Later in the day, if the user tries to log in as ADMIN from a workstation that has KEYB.COM ... For the user who has this problem and can't get logged in as ADMIN again, there is a solution
CMS-XML How To: EVENT TRIGGERS : Description, Usage and Troubleshooting
EVENT TRIGGERS : Description, Usage and Troubleshooting ... configuration file for command line or in Allow ... ... Event Trigger for Command Line (Check pages 136-137 ... ... , 2) command-line macro, or ... (See pages 133-134 of the command line reference guide for ... ... a table on page 131 of the Command Line Reference Guide that ... Command Line (added to ... ... Variable as a Command-Line Macro Command Line (added to ... Command Line (added to ... Command Line Setup ... 2.2 Command Line Setup ... 3.3 Immediate Check Out EventTrigger Command Line Setup
CMS-XML Version Manager 8.4.5 patch for 8.4
... being able to login to the older ... page has been changed ... ... being able to login to the older ... page has been changed ... 1.1.8 File Server: Admin User ID's and Passwords Must NOT Contain Semicolons (;) [DEF105420] ... , the next login to the administration ... be able to log in until the user ...
CMS-XML VMINET: VM Server 6.7.11 Readme with Release Highlights
... 4.6 Logging in Error Message Unclear ... ... Enterprise Server: Page Not Found Error ... ... 404 error After Login . Page . ... the instructions on page 37 of the ... ... click on Default Web Site and select New ... ... versions of stored pages to Every visit to the page . ... on-screen prompts to complete the ... ... be able to log in to VM I ... ... cookies to store login information. ... at the following Web site : http: ... ... Web Server Administration page , select a ... * If a check-in operation prompts the user for additional information, such as ...
CMS-XML SLM: How to consolidate multiple license keys for one Host ID into a single license file
With a valid Serena Support login that is tied to a site ID with current Support Maintenance (both are required) go to Complete the 4 drop-down selections for Site , Product, Serial Number and version. ... If you choose "Save to file", there will be a prompt to choose the location and the default file name will be "ConsolidatedLicenseFile.lic".
CMS-XML VM 8.5.3 Patch 004: HotFix for VM 8.5.3 to solve the VM I-Net Web Client certificate expiring on February 25th 2017
... : JavaScript console logging in new JRE detection ... When prompted , allow the HotFix to overwrite all files. If you are not prompted to overwrite any file, an incorrect installation directory was specified. ... To confirm the HotFix was installed, login to the VM I-Net Web Client, go to the Help ... If this confirms the HotFix was correctly installed, but the HTTPS fix is not working, make sure your IE browser cache is cleaned (Tools -> Internet options : Browsing history - Delete) and that the option Preserve Favorites website data
CMS-XML About: MASTER.CFG - A Master Configuration File Baseline
... from the INTERSOLV site on WWW/ ... # command line only section ... SIGNON ... # end command line only section ... # NOMULTILOCK REVISION is preferred at many sites if they want no automated ... # command line ... # command line ... # .1?? = .v?? at one site . # Some sites have found using "!" instead of "V" helps because it is less common ... # Delete this block if you're on the command line only... ... LOGIN VCSID,UNKNOWN ... DISALLOW = JOURNAL, NOJOURNAL, DISALLOW, LOGIN ... # See #1259 for a master configuration file for the command line !
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