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CMS-XML About: UNIX - Basic Terminology
... - - ( no permissions) ... is anyone who isn't the owner or ... ... but these two are NOT the same. ... that the CPU doesn't have to keep ... This isn't really used with ... ... This setting has no concern for any ... ... -l < name >. ... If the SETUID isn't set then it ... ... area, Tracker db area, etc ... ... NOTE: You don't really need to ... ... performs the actions specified there at the ... ... NOTE: You don't really need to ... ... (anyone who isn't the owner or ... the group) no permissions to the ...
CMS-XML Online Help is not working on VM Inet when server name is invalid
Online help in VM INET does not work when fully qualified URL (For Ex: or invalid server name that is specified in VPADMIN. If the server name is not valid virtually all other operations will work, but not online help. We get an error "The page cannot be displayed".
CMS-XML VM:VSS2PVCS: Error: The project could not be loaded "<Project Name>"
Do you want to specify a VM project where your archives will be stored? (y/n):
CMS-XML VM: The suffix for archive: archive path/name> does not match the archive suffix defined in the current projects configuration. The command-line interface may not find these archives when wildcard operations are performed. Do you want to continue?
This warning message appears when the archives that are being imported have a suffix which does not match the archive suffix specified in the configuration file.
CMS-XML The minus sign / dash character (-) is no longer allowed in version label names because it conflicts with revision offset calculations
-rLabel+1 (One revision above label) -rLabel+# (Highest revision on branch/trunk label is on) This "revision math" is part of the core of Version Manager, and be used in nearly every place where you can specify a revision.
CMS-XML PVCS VM: You cannot access this project because the LDAP User DN or Password is incorrect, or the Server cannot be reached as specified.
Failed to connect to LDAP server. The User Distinguished Name or password may be invalid.
CMS-XML PCLI: Get returns a command exit code of 0, even if it could not fetch the specified revision
Error: /Project1/_ISDel.exe: Could not find a revision named 1.6 in the archive , "D:\PVCS Projects\BigProject\archives\Project1\_ISDel.exe-arc".
CMS-XML PVCS Version Manager returns message that it could not connect to the specified license server, or that the license has expired
command. Either enter the name of the server as resolved through the DNS or enter the IP address of the same machine.
This is related to Project Assistant setting the Project Working Directory under Project | Configure Project | Project Options to the UNC name specified using Project Assistant. This is not accepted in the Project | Configure Project | Project Options screen if you try to enter it directly. If this is written in by Project Assistant as a UNC name, you will eventually get kicked out of VM when you try and access this project, until you manually change the WKDIR listing in the PVCSPROJ.PUB file that lists the projects.
CMS-XML SLM: Certain clients sometimes/consistently cannot connect to the License Server, especially from remote locations
As a result, client libraries used in SLM 2.1.4-based product only wait 100ms for a response from the License Server if those clients only specify the name of the SLM server (and not port number as wel). This is quite a bit shorter than the timeout found in previous releases.
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