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CMS-XML Version Manager Web Client logs off user and shows login screen after using Tracker / TeamTrack / SBM Association dialog
This problem is caused by a defect in the next-generation Java Plug-in, which is a new feature that was introduced in Sun (now Oracle) JRE 1.6.0 Update 10. Details on this defect can be found in the Java Bug Database , using Bug ID 6799990 .
CMS-XML Why does Version Manager prompt for a TeamTrack/SBM login when unlocking a revision, and can that behavior be turned off?
When a Version Manager Project Database (PDB) was configured to use TeamTrack or SBM for module associations, an attempt to unlock a revision in a file will typically result in a login prompt for TeamTrack or SBM . This is done to check if the file being unlocked was used in a module association that now needs to be removed.
CMS-XML Rich IDE integration to Eclipse fails to warn user when required associations with TeamTrack or SBM are not made
When the Version Manager project database has been configured to require associations with at TeamTrack or SBM record, a check in should not succeed unless the association has completed successfully. This should apply to all client interfaces. In the case where associations with TeamTrack/SBM are required on check in actions and using the Eclipse Rich IDE integration, the check in will fail and a message stating that associations are required will appear in the Serena console, but there is no active error.
CMS-XML VM 8.6.1: SourceBridge SBM integration: "Auto-Login to project" option does not work
If a VM I-Net Web Client servlet is using SourceBridge to integrate with SBM , and its Project Database is configured to use Auto-Login to project (VM Desktop Client: Admin | SourceBridge Settings), then the SBM credentials should be stored in the Project Database for the active VM user, avoiding future SBM login prompts. This is not happening in the VM 8.6.1 Web Client, causing the "Log in to Solution Business Manager" prompt to show for every new VM session..
CMS-XML VM with SBM 11.7+ SSO: DaemonServer crashes using VM I-Net Web Client or RIDE with server-side processing
When a project database uses an SBM 11.7+ based SSO server for user authentication, attempts to get or update a file from a Web Client, or from a RIDE integration using server-side processing, will cause the client to hang or fail because the DaemonServer process on the server crashes. Affected operations include: Add Files
CMS-XML What Version Manager releases support SSO authentication using an SSO server running on SBM 11.1?
or newer. There is no need to change the SSO configuration in the Project Databases , but if you are using the VM I-Net Web Client do make sure the SSO Server URL in the Serena Version Manager Server Admin
CMS-XML One or more VM I-Net Web Client users find that module assocations made via SourceBridge do not get stored if VM and SBM are both using SSO authentication
To solve this problem: Login to Project Database (PDB) from the Version Manager Desktop Client as a SUPERUSER. Select the PDB root.
CMS-XML Version Manager clients shows " PKIX path building failed" while trying to connect to an SSO-based Project Database
For certificates that were signed by a Certificate Authority (CA), obtain a copy of that CA's public certificate. For self-signed certificates, or in lieu of having access to the CA's public certificate, obtain the system-specific certificate from the SBM server. This can be done from a browser client.
CMS-XML VM: How to import an updated SSO STS Trust Certificate / How to solve "Invalid SSO token" errors
If the SSO server is running as part of SBM , and a new key-pair was generated for the SSO Trust Keys used by the STS component, attempts to login to a Project Database using this server will give an error similar to: Desktop client: SSO Login Error: Invalid SSO token, validation result: 40
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