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CMS-XML VM I-Net Web Client login fails with HTTP ERROR 403 for servlets using an SBM SSO server for authentication
This error can be the result of an SBM SSO security enhancement that was introduced in SBM 11.5.1, and then backported to SBM 11.4 .2. (For this reason the error can first occur if SBM was upgraded from either SBM SBM 11.5.0, SBM 11.4.1 or an older release.)
CMS-XML How to configure Version Manager to use a single license per user when users simultaneously login from multiple workstations
You should not enable the ignore-host feature in VM when using it with SBM 11.4 or older, TeamTrack, or Tracker. Doing so would cause users to consume two Professional licenses; one for VM and one for SBM/TeamTrack/Tracker.
CMS-XML Error: Cannot open file. Either you do not have network privileges or the pathname to the file does not exist.... Common causes of common errors.
... , it's a permissions error) ... operating system network permissions . Permissions , write rights ... ... .) Check permissions in the Current ... ... know it's a permissions error to either ... to test the permissions . ... could be an access control error. ... .Review the access control issues. The access control database, expand keywords, and VCSID references are specified in these .cfg ... - When the archive directory is on a Netware 3. 11 or 4 .11 Network drive, the Archive suffix has to be like +___v or +_v.
PDF Version Manager Server ReadMe Files
Uncheck the "Enable access control database security" box. ... Failure to perform these uninstall tasks may cause conflicts when installing VM Server 6.7. 11. 4 .0 FEATURE ISSUES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
CMS-XML About: Access Control Database Fundamentals
The access control database of Version Manager can be one of the more confusing components of the PVCS ... an access control database. ... archive when using access control . ... I. LOGIN SOURCES II. HOW TO IMPLEMENT AN ACCESS CONTROL DATABASE ... IV. PRIVILEGES AND WHAT THEY ALLOW USERS ... VIII. LOOKING AT THE ACCESS CONTROL DATABASE IX. VERSION MANAGER ACCESS CONTROL FLOWCHART
CMS-XML About: VMINET: 6.x: Login and Access Control Database Operation
VM I-NET manages user ID's from only two sources : ... The VM I-NET server authentication does not use the Version Manager LogIn directive sources . VM I-NET does not use VLOGIN, HOST or any of the other login sources . ... (7) Any project that has its own access database defined, will use only the user IDs and permissions from that database.
CMS-XML Visual Studio 2005 RIDE check out does not allow check in when using host ID
If a user logs into the windows session using a different case from what is set in the Version Manager access control database (ACD), a subsequent checkin from the VS2005 GUI is not possible since the lock on the archive is held by the user id that was used to log into windows.
CMS-XML DEV INT: VM Permissions to perform a WebSphere Release
VM Permissions required to perform a WebSphere Studio Application Developer 4 To perform a Release on Websphere Studio Application Developer 1.0 it is necessary for users to have Lock Tip and Lock Non-Tip permission in the access control database (ACD) associated with the Version Manager project database.
CMS-XML [Warning] The maximum number of open files allowed has been reached
While trying to login to a Project DataBase (PDB) or while attempting to update an Access Control DataBase (ACDB) file using Admin -> Security, users are presented with the message: The maximum number of open files allowed has been reached (Different variants of this message include the exception PvcsFileSystemOpenFileLimitException
CMS-XML VM Configure Project Login source needs to be able to use and create SSO URIs containing "idp"
As of SBM 10.1.3, the preferred way to communicate with an SSO server running on SBM is via the webapp "idp". Unfortunately Version Manager's Login source screen in Configure Project does not allow for this, as it does not expose the URI itself but constructs one behind the scenes based on information provided to the UI. This means VM continues to use the webapps "TokenService" and "ALFSSOLogin".
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