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CMS-XML DTK applications can hang on AIX when accessing archives that are located on a Version Manager File Server
, etc.). As the File Server libraries were written in C++, it is necessary to use an xlC-based C++ compiler variation to ensure the generated executable can correctly link to the shared File Server library . When this is not done, failures like the one shown above can occur.
CMS-XML Unlimited priviledge checkbox is cleared after the Save.
Regression from VM8140ja_JP Build 487. VM814JP works without an issue.
CMS-XML Version Manager could not write to the project journal file: "". The journal file path does not exist or does not have write permissions."
Example: D:\>pcli run -y label -prD:\proj -idroot -vDummyLabel /keywords.c Serena PVCS Version Manager (PCLI) v8.4.3.0 ( Build 965) for Windows NT/80x86
CMS-XML About: #1086 Building DTK programs in a VB 4.0, 5.0 environment.
on a 32 bit platform, you can write 16 bit code, using the 16 bit Toolkit because the 16 bit
CMS-XML VM: PVCS Version Manager, Ant and building Java applications
While this "task" is not supplied by Merant, nor does it come with any warranty from Merant, there are reports from customers who are successfully using this task as a basis on which to write their own tasks inside their Ant scripts. For further information, follow the link below. and select "optional tasks".
CMS-XML Problem: VMINET 6.1 - Links from VMINET do not work (links include domain)
Click OK , then Save and Apply. Restart the web server.
CMS-XML How To: Generate a Build Difference Report
_At release time, create and save to file an Archive Report by the release-level promotion group (the ?BOM?). You will find it extremely useful to edit the output of the report by adding the release name and date as the first line before the list of all the files and their revisions.
CMS-XML DEV INT: PB 7.x build # 7017 and above.
With PB 5.02 we came out with the native interface dll's for different version control tools like Objectcycle, PVCS, MKS, Endeavor etc. There were separate dlls written for different products as at that time each product had their own way of doing version control even though the basic concept was the same.
CMS-XML Version Manager clients shows " PKIX path building failed" while trying to connect to an SSO-based Project Database
Go to File -> Properties and click the Certificates button. Switch to the Details tab and press the Copy to File button Save the certificate as a DER encoded binary X.509 (.CER)
MS-WORD Using Promotion to Its Fullest Potential
To implement promotion, the PVCS administrator designs a hierarchical structure of logical stages, or groups, that correspond to milestones in your development cycle. Examples of these stages are writing source code, testing the application, and producing the application for release to customers. Each stage is represented by a meaningful name, such as Development, QA Testing, or Production.
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