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CMS-XML PCLI: How to run a wild card search on a label?
There is a PCLI script called FindLabels. pcli that will find version labels, optionally matching a wildcard, used by versioned files on the specified entities. You can download this script from the ZIP file All PCLI
CMS-XML VM: PCLI script to list all labels for a specific revision for an archive.
Download the script attached to this KB Doc (GetAllLabelForRev. pcli ) PCLI script to list version labels for specific revision in a file. Usage:
CMS-XML When running a pcli vdel with the '-v' option to delete from label to tip causes StringIndexOutofBounds Error
The pcli vdel command will cause a StringIndexOutofBounds Error when attempting to use the '-v' command. An example run would be:
CMS-XML When given a floating label to assign, PCLI AddFiles fails with the error: Invalid Version Label "LabelName:1.*".The characters :,+,-,*," are illegal
pcli af -vMyLabel:1.* returns the following error
CMS-XML Can no longer apply labels from PCLI script if the value has to be double-quoted
As of VM 8.4, if a PCLI script contains the Label command and the name of the label is enclosed in a pair of double-quotes (to deal with spaces in the label name), the command will fail with an error similar to: 11:06:05 Jan.06.11 [Error] (Line: 1 of file: "ScriptFile. pcli ") Invalid Version Label "
CMS-XML PCLI: How to get files by label or promotion group without seeing warnings for files that do not match and/or empty directories being created for projects without matching files
An additional problem is that, for every project that is traversed, PCLI will create the workdir directory for that project, even if the project does not end up having any matching files. If there are many projects without matching files, the target directory ends up with numerous empty directories.
CMS-XML PCLI: how to get a revision with multiple version label
pcli Get -idsli:sli -v" label 1" -v" label 2" -o -aZ:tempfum -prZ:PDB1 /readme.enUS.html will not fail
CMS-XML PCLI: List all version labels in a project.
PCLI : List all version labels in a project.
CMS-XML VM - How to delete past revisions using a revision or label range to reduce archive size?
Use the CLI vdel command or, as of VM 6.7, the PCLI Vdel command. To specify a range of revisions or version labels, the syntax is -r<first revision>*<second revision>[+]
CMS-XML VM: How to find archives where labels / promotion groups are pointing to different revisions
This facility is available with the PCLI ListRevision command.
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