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CMS-XML User Error: INT APPROVED: The customer has both PVCS and Oracle Developer 2000 Version 1.1 (In particular Oracle Forms version 4.5) but the 'Check-In' and 'Check-Out' items do not work ( are grayed out). NOTE: This DOES NOT apply to Oracle Developer 2000 version 1.2, which has Oracle Forms 4.5.6
The Oracle Interface to PVCS requires one setting be added to the ORACLE.INI file and one configuration file to be created specifically for the use of the Oracle Interface.
CMS-XML When importing VSQL data into Oracle, sqlplus gives error "User requested Interrupt or EOF detected"
When importing VSQL data into Oracle , sqlplus gives error " User requested Interrupt or EOF detected"
CMS-XML How To: #578 Oracle forms require directives to be set in Unix
Oracle forms in Unix may become corrupt when archived. The size of the form after archiving may be larger than the original. The form is corrupt because Oracle does not recognize the file as a form.
CMS-XML VM 8.x: Required Operating System patches for UNIX & Linux platforms
Required Operating System patches for UNIX platforms. Solaris (for SPARC CPU only): Visit the URL links to Oracle's Java web-site to see the supported system configurations on Solaris:
CMS-XML VM HOST login source can fail when using 3rd party NSS libraries to provide user/group ID access
This can happen if one of the following is true: The system is running Oracle Linux (a Red Hat clone similar to CentOS)
CMS-XML Problem: #1426 Oracle Developer/2000 Interface: Pvcs_E_prompt pvcs code 33
User tries to check out a file with a lock & gets the error: Pvcs_E_prompt pvcs code 33
CMS-XML Error: INT APPROVED: FILE ACCESS DENIED when doing a checkin using the Oracle Developer 2000 interface.
The user is attempting to do a checkin using the Oracle Developer 2000 interface and is getting an access denied error.
CMS-XML Problem: INT APPROVED: #927: Oracle Developer/2000: You cannot run more than one invocation of Version Manager at the same time.
User receives the error on trying to bring up VM while having some part of Oracle's Developer/2000 up & running even when the user is not using Oracle's interface to VM. Error: You cannot run more than one invocation of Version Manager at the same time.
CMS-XML Web Client throws missing JRE error on Linux when using Java 7 Update 71 and newer or Java 8 Update 20 and newer
Oracle JRE for Linux introduced a regression in releases 1.7.0_71 and 1.8.0_11 that prevents the Web Client from connecting to Java using a typical system configuration (see JDK-8064677 .) As a result, users will see the error: "This browser has no Java Runtime Environment (JRE)."
It seems that the ORACLE FORMS interface doesn't like revisions created by Version Manager. If a user attempts to check out a revision that was created by Version Manager, he gets the above message.
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