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CMS-XML How To: Send email notification with an Event Trigger in Version Manager
The batch file shown below is meant as an example only. It assumes that blat.exe has been installed and configured properly. It notifies the recipient specified that an archive has been locked by a specific user at a certain date and time.
CMS-XML What does the message "Error during request setup. File server configuration has changed" in the Tomcat log mean?
When a File Server client sends no requests to the server for a period exceeding this time, the session is invalidated and the client's view of the server's Path Map info is lost. The next request sent by this client will be answered with a notification that the File server configuration has changed, which triggers the INFO message in the log. Following that, the client requests the current Path Map information from the server and continues from there.
CMS-XML Error messages shown by Serena products that require SLM 2.2.0 when an older SLM server is being used
You do not have to regenerate your licenses, and if you install the new release into the same directory as the old one, after uninstalling the old release, your existing configuration (licenses, named users list, email notification , etc.) will be preserved.
CMS-XML IDE: Web projects in Visual Studio requests license for IUSR account
In Visual Studio .NET, when working with web projects, users may encounter a message from the License Manager server that the IUSR_servername account, where servername matches the IIS server where the projects reside, is unable to obtain a license. The administrative account that the License Manager is configured to notify may also receive a message with the same information.
CMS-XML How to solve: Warning: file "Filename" was accessed from "EntityPath" in File Server-based Project Database "ProjectDatabasePath", but this path does not use a File Server.
These warning messages are the result of added warning logic that aims to notify users of a configuration problems in the project database.
CMS-XML How To: PVCS AnswerLine #607 Error Message following MSG_ACT_1 - MSG_ACT_NO_FILELIST_SELECTIONS
$ (TSS) Used for notifying user when at least one file was not checked out ... Before you can automatically create archives during check in, you must use Project / Configure Project / Archive Directories to select one or more archive directories."
CMS-XML VM 8.5.3 patch cause severe ClassNotFound exceptions in logs on non-Windows server installations
SEVERE: Error configuring application listener of class ... INFO: Marking servlet notify as unavailable ... java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: merant.adm. notification .NotifyServlet
CMS-XML Install: VM 6.5: What happens when a workstation install takes place
Notification by Disk contents comparison ... d:\WINNT\system32\ config \software.LOG d:\WINNT\system32\ config \software d:\WINNT\system32\ config \SYSTEM.ALT d:\WINNT\system32\ config \system
CMS-XML VM 8.4.6+ How to resolve or disable the overlapping Path Map warning messages
Disable detection and/or notification of path map conflicts. Configuring Path Map Conflict Detection Mode ... that allows you to configure what the Version Manager client does in the event of a path map conflict. ... To configure path map conflict detection mode:
CMS-XML How To: Detecting a Virus inside a VM archive
In the following example Norton Antivirus for MS NT is being launched with the /B- flag which disables scanning of boot records and then the /REPAIR flag that tells Norton to repair the file without notifying you. ... The following is inserted under Project / Configure Project / Event Triggers / Unconditional PrePut:
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