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CMS-XML VM 8.5: Version Manager installer does not mention Eclipse 4, even though this IDE is listed as being supported
VM 8.5: Version Manager installer does not mention Eclipse 4, even though this IDE is listed as being supported
HTML Merant PVCS Version Manager Release Notes
Missing Journal File Results in Misleading Error Message [1018413] If the path to the jounal file is incorrect or if the journal file is missing, an error may appear which does not mention the journal file. This has been fixed.
CMS-XML How To: IBM OS/2 Software Installer Manual Install - Bypassing install.exe
IBM OS/2 Software Installer manual install - Bypassing INSTALL.EXE In cases where a user cannot get as far as having the bitmap screen to display and none of the suggested solutions mentioned for the particular symptom in the "ERRORS/PROBLEMS - CAUSES AND SOLUTIONS" section seems to resolve the problem, you can have
CMS-XML VM: PUT: cannot put to non-development group 'xxxx'
You cannot put into a non development group on checkin. This is mentioned in the Promotion group rules in the PVCS VM Administrators Guide:
CMS-XML IDE client should honor PVCS_MX settings similar to the GUI, PCLI, etc
Resolved in VM 8.3 Addition of a directive in the islv.ini file (SCC is Windows only) In ISLV.ini file have a section and key,value pair in the below mentioned format. [CPCLI] JAVAARGS=-Xms128m -Xmx512m
CMS-XML VMINET: IE Browser hangs after selecting a project from the /vminet.html page
VM I-Net releases prior to 7.5 work only with Microsoft's Java Virtual Machine. If the browser has the Sun Java Plug-in enabled, or if the Microsoft Virtual Machine is an older revision, then VM I-Net running in IE will hang or cause the errors mentioned above.
CMS-XML Problem: VMINET 6.x: Can log into project only once, then all attempts get "Configuration cannot be opened".
Foo.prj) contains a of its own, with projects defined there, VM Server will attempt to load the cfg files mentioned in that, which will most likely be using drive mappings relative to the client PC that set it up. Therefore, VM Server returns "The configuration could not be opened" and the stderr.log will contain the erroneous path.
CMS-XML DEV INT: VM 6.7.10 Development Interface fails to Initialize on Pentium 4 machines
Install the patch by unzipping the attached file in the classic subdirectory mentioned above, and allow it to overwrite the existing files.
CMS-XML VM Web Client appears to hang on file operations and the daemonserver.exe stopped running on server.
On the server side, the daemonserver.exe is no longer running. Attempting to start the process manually results in an error mentioning the msvcrt.dll that is located in \system32 folder in the Windows installation structure.
CMS-XML Cannot add version labels when doing a synchronize
BEHAVIOR CHANGE: A Commit dialog now appears in the above mentioned scenarios. It is similar in function to the Checkin dialog and provides access to the same options.
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