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CMS-XML Can no longer apply labels from PCLI script if the value has to be double-quoted
Until this defect has been resolved, you can prefix the command Label with the command Run to get the pair of quotes stripped off before the -v
CMS-XML How To: : Associate PCLI scripts in Windows, so that they can be run without "pcli run -s"
By default, PCLI scripts are run from the command line by issuing the following command : pcli run -s
CMS-XML Cannot run PCLI script using relative path if the setuid user cannot access the current directory
-rw-r--r--. 1 rgering or_ans 21 Mar 8 16:47 test.pcli $ pcli run -stest.pcli Serena PVCS Version Manager (PCLI) v8.5.3.0 (Build 071) for Linux/80x86
CMS-XML VM: How to run PERL or Korn-Shell scripts by way of an event trigger in Windows
You need to specify the runtime engine/executable along with the complete path to the script in the setting for the event trigger.
CMS-XML PCLI ListRevision command no longer works if quiet mode (PCLI_QUIET) is enabled
This problem was discovered when PCLI scripts were executed in quiet mode, using "pcli run -q -sSomeScript.pcli ...", which then broke the scripts because the ListRevision commands contained in them no longer provided the required output for the scripts to operate on.
CMS-XML Run VDIFF on a project or project tree
PCLI script runs command line vdiff on entire project
CMS-XML PCLI: How to run a wild card search on a label?
There is a PCLI script called FindLabels.pcli that will find version labels, optionally matching a wildcard, used by versioned files on the specified entities. You can download this script from the ZIP file All PCLI
CMS-XML VM: Can I run a difference report on an entire project or project tree?
The Solution below describes a toolbar script to check differences based on workspace.
CMS-XML VM: PCLI: How to run a recursive IsDifferent comparing the files in the workfile location and the specified revisions
The attached PCLI script will use the PCLI IsDifferent command to compare the files in the default workfile location to the revisions associated with the default workspace. This script does not list the differences for each file-revision pair. Instead, one of the following message will be displayed for each comparision:
CMS-XML VM: PCLI script to list all labels for a specific revision for an archive.
Usage: pcli run -sGetAllLabelForRev.pcli "FileName " "Rev
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