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CMS-XML VM: READDB fails to handle spaces in access lists names
If an Access Control Database has access lists with spaces in their names , running READDB followed by MAKEDB will result in failures.
CMS-XML About: #769 ACD: Understanding Access Control Databases, Access lists, and Groups
If you assign privileges to a group they do not then assign privileges to the user. The privileges assigned to the group can only limit what a user can do against an archive file in which the group name appears in the archive's access control list .
CMS-XML Problem: 'Cannot preform action...' to change a workfile or archive name, or comment prefix
Cannot perform action on Archive. Either you do not have sufficient access privileges or the archive contains an access list and Version Manager cannot find an access control database .
CMS-XML VM: How to customize the default configuration file and access control database for new project databases.
Note: Back up these files prior to making changes Take a Configuration File (.cfg) or Access Control Database (. db ) that already has the directives and settings desired and save the file to the above location with the appropriate file name from the list . Upon creation of a Project Databases, the relevant template files will be copied into the new Project Database as the initial Configuration File and/or Access Control Database.
CMS-XML Semaphore for ACDB update operations is not deleted on the File Server if the ACDB file name does not end in .db or .acd
Edit the extension of the ACDB to be .acdb for example. Edit the config file to reflect the new name . Edit the group to which the user in step 3 belongs to - click Apply and OK.
CMS-XML How To: VM Security - ACD Creation & Maintenance; Access Lists; Base Privileges
access. db - could be any other unique name . Some sites use ?access. db ? for the Master Project, then optionally use similar names for specific projects needing additional security, e.g. ?access_ProdPay. db ? or ?access41. db ?. Each ACD for these is created from their respective ?Configure Project? Menus.
CMS-XML How To: - ACD - To add European (high-ascii chars.) or Asian names to VM - READDB & MAKEDB
The VM Command Line functions sometimes allow for more flexible data input than the GUI interface. In order to enter user names (for example European names ) with high-ascii characters into the (VM) Version Manager's (ACD) Access Control Database , it is possible to use the Command Line's "readdb" (to copy out the current version of the ACD); then to use "makedb" to create the revised ACD. (Note that this exact same procedure could also
CMS-XML Get on split archive shows "Could not find a revision named * in the archive" if the server has an embedded ACDB or Login Source
When performing a Get operation on a revision of a split archive that has not been accessed for a while (is no longer available as a cached flat file in the Revision Library), the attempt to regenerate this flat file will fail if the File Server installation has an embedded Access Control Database (ACDB) or embedded Login Source. In this scenario, attempts to get the affected revision will fail with errors like: C:\>pcli get -pr//vmfs/One -idroot /ls.txt
CMS-XML VM:VSS2PVCS: Error: The project could not be loaded "<Project Name>"
** Enter the path to the VM database where the converted archives will be placed: The response to this should be the full path to the root of the project database.
CMS-XML After upgrading to VM Combo Hotfix 1 or VM, Version Manager can no longer access archives in paths containing a subdirectory named ROOT
You can get similar error messages trying to access a Configuration File or Access Control Database that is located in a path containing a subdirectory named "ROOT".
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