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CMS-XML How to enable Version Manager-side license debugging
License logging can be enabled ... ... like to have logging enabled. ... to the [ Licensing ] ... want to keep logging enabled for longer ... - send license debugging to stdout - send license debugging to stderr - send license debugging to a ... Checkout: count (643821576: ... Checkin : count (643821576: ... [ Licensing ] ... C:\ logs \license. ... Log entry for a ... Checkout: count (413241352: ... Log entry for the ... Checkin : count (413241352: name=Admin, feature=VersionManager) = 0 ... Note that, for VM I-Net, the log will be written to the VM server system.
CMS-XML How to enable SLM client logging?
You may be asked by Support to enable mlclient debug logging on an SLM client to troubleshoot a licensing issue. This document shows how to set that up.
CMS-XML Debugging the flow of licenses
Very useful command to solve license count and return to pool delay issues
CMS-XML MLM: How to obtain a license when License Manager has no internet connection.
Go to a machine that has web access. Log into SupportNet. Click on the Merant License Manager icon
CMS-XML VM 8.0: Version Manager is using more than one license, even when the same username is being used
You may be experiencing this problem, even if you are entering the username with the same case in all PDBs you open. Having a case insensitive login source will cause VM to use the case of the username as it was first used to open that PDB. That is, if the first time you logged into your PDB as "ADMIN", subsequent logins using either "admin" or "Admin" will continue to use the account "ADMIN".
CMS-XML Serena VM Web Application Server fails to start. Application Event Log shows "The RegQueryValueEx function failed for the following reason: The system cannot find the file specified."
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Serena VM Web Application Server\Parameters The two likely causes are either having a JVM Option Count parameter that is larger than the number of JVM Option Number ...
CMS-XML VM I-Net: What does the login option "Automatically close all other sessions for your user ID on this server" do?
This allows you to login with a single (named) license if you forgot to log a session off on another PC, or if the IP address of your PC / laptop changed before you had a chance to log off (for example because you switched from a docking station to Wi-Fi, or switched to using a 3G/4G card, or simply because your DHCP lease expired and the network assigned you a different IP address.)
MS-POWERPOINT Serena Powerpoint Template (.ppt)
Make sure Serena License Manager service has restarted after applying new keys Check license count under Products tab Copyright ©2010 Serena Software, Inc.
CMS-XML Serena License Manager 2.1.4 (SLM 2.1.4)
1.2 Concurrent Licenses Always Available to Users With Named Licenses (DEF108262 – Client) In some scenarios, Serena License Manager did not allow a user to log into a Serena product using an available concurrent license . This occured when the user was assigned one or more named licenses, and was already using all of these named licenses (for example to log in from another system). In this case, the user should have been able to use available concurrent licenses for additional logins from other systems.
PDF Version Manager Server ReadMe Files
2.O FEATURE ISSUES 2.1 Selecting Multiple Folders that Share Archives Causes VM Server to Perform Multiple Actions 2.2 Naming Considerations 2.3 Using Event Triggers 2.4 Log Files Should Be Purged 2.5 Temporay Files Should Be Purged 2.6 Selecting All Folders Instead Selects All on Page 2.7 Close the Help Window Often in Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.8 Setting Time Zone Values 2.9 Obtain a Product License
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