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CMS-XML VM: How to change a File Type-specific Archive Attribute (like Keyword Expansion) so it applies to new files as well as existing ones
The defaults values for Archive Attributes are obtained from the Project (Database) configuration file, where they are defined on a per-File Type (= filename extension) basis. They can changed from the Desktop Client GUI using Admin | Configure Project , going to the File Types
CMS-XML Non-standard UserNameAttribute in LDAPINFOFILE (pvcsldap.ini) overwritten if no changes are made to LDAP settings
field in the LDAP Server configuration dialog is now a free-text field with a drop-down list providing quick access to commonly used values .
CMS-XML Solaris SIGSEGV crash when editing View | Options | External Editor field.
There is a Solaris bug in the jre which intermittently causes a segmentation violation crash when editing the GUI string for the external editor in the View | Options dialog. It crashes when the text in the field is larger than the box (ie it scrolls to the right).
CMS-XML How To: : Setting a TZ environment variable to adjust for incorrect timestamps.
4.In the Value field enter the TZ value in GMT +/-# format. <<--- This value can be found by using the formula below.
CMS-XML How To Restrict Modifying Attributes in the Root Workspace or a Public Workspace
The Project Security privilege Modify Project controls whether or not the user is able to to change the Root and Public Workspace property: Workfile Location
CMS-XML Changing the servers.ini location overwrites the newly selected file if it was not selected using the file browser
To switch between the two, a user can go to Admin -> File Server and change the file VM uses. If you use the browse feature to select another file (by pressing the [...] button by the "Store server configuration information in:" field ), you get a dialog saying: Overwrite Existing Settings?
CMS-XML PVCS VM RIDE Issues view in Eclipse stops working after changing the password of the SBM user
section, click the ellipsis (...) button at the end of Username field : Change the Password
CMS-XML Using Edit | Copy in VM Desktop GUI fails to preserve changes to RootWorkspace
The new Include the Workfile Location setting checkbox allows you to include the Workfile Location when copying the workspace settings, else it is not copied and you must specify a new location in the Workfile Location field . See the help topic for the dialog for more information.
CMS-XML Changing the password for another user via Admin | Security | Users from the PVCS VM Desktop Client GUI does not take
If the Apply button is still greyed out, the dialog did not detect the password change. Be sure to exit the Password field by pressing the Tab key or by selecting another field using the mouse. Once Apply is active, you can either press that button or press OK to update the Access Control Database with the new password.
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