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CMS-XML PVCS Version Manager Eclipse IDE Debug Info Collector
To troubleshoot certain problems, Micro Focus Support may ask you to run Eclipse through the attached utility.
CMS-XML How to change the TeamTrack Host for an Eclipse RIDE project
I am using Eclipse with the VM RIDE integration and use the issue integration with an SBM / TeamTrack server, and that server is moving to another machine. How can I change change the TeamTrack Host URL to point there?
CMS-XML Eclipse RIDE integration no longer shows the "Serena" menu after upgrading to VM 8.6.1
Starting with VM 8.6.1, the Serena menu item in Eclipse has been renamed to PVCS VM RIDE
CMS-XML VM 8.2.0.x Eclipse RIDE - Default Promotion Group not being assigned when file is added to Project Database
The group is added for subsequent checkout / checkin operations, but until that point the file lacks a promotion group. This can cause problems when files are retrieved based on a promotion group, for example to perform a build.
CMS-XML When trying to use the RIDE integration with Eclipse Indigo (3.7) IDE for C/C++ Developers, the Serena menu does not show up
Go to Help -> Install New Software Uncheck the box Group items by category Make sure the box Contact all update sites during install to find required software
CMS-XML Error serializing activated issues/Error deserializing activated issues error messages while trying to associate an item in TeamTrack or SBM in IBM Rational Application Developer
Ensure that you know the installation directory location for Version Manager, as you will be asked to enter this directory location later. Close Version Manager and the Eclipse IDE if they are running. Copy the self-extracting hotfix file (VM_8410_PATCH_TECH11538.EXE) to your system.
CMS-XML How to add the VM RIDE integration to a newly installed instance of Eclipse without reinstalling Version Manager
The Version Manager instance that PVCS_HOME points to is missing the required Eclipse RIDE component. If you have confirmed the PVCS_HOME variable is pointing to the vm subdirectory of the correct VM installation, you will have to reinstall Version Manager and ensure the component Plugin for Eclipse 3 (rich integration)
CMS-XML Overwriting a file in version controlled project with a file from a non-version controlled project in Eclipse deletes the file
When the user copies file1.txt in project2 and pastes it to project1, to overwrite the contents of that file, committing the changes to Version Manager causes file1.txt in project1 to be deleted from the repository.
CMS-XML Eclipse RIDE and Visual Studio RIDE warn that Server-side processing is not available after the server was upgraded to VM 8.5.2 (or newer)
After upgrading the Serena VM Web Application Server to VM 8.5.2 (or newer), RIDE clients that were configured to use server-side processing show an error similar to: Server-side processing information not available, fallback to classic client-side process Unable to connect via the server-side processing.
CMS-XML Eclipse RIDE integration does not present user with error although it shows up in the console output when check in fails for lack of required association
A dialog has been added in VM 8.4.4, informing the user of the need to perform a module association.
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