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CMS-XML Version Manager HOST login source does not work on Linux when the OS is configured to use winbind or SSSD
When this happens, users may get errors like: You cannot access this project because no valid login source is available Please contact your Serena administrator for further assistance.
CMS-XML VM Configure Project Login source needs to be able to use and create SSO URIs containing "idp"
This issue was solved in the VM 8.5.2 patch. Instead of exposing the full URI in Configure Project, and forcing the administrator to change it, Version Manager dynamically detects the webapps that are supported by the SSO server and will rewrite the URI to match what that server supports.
CMS-XML VM: How to fix errors of the type "The access control database does not contain the privilege <[LoginSource(PrivilegeName)]>."
The user getting this error does not exist in the Access Control Database (ACDB) file for the project, and Version Manager is attempting to automatically add it with the default privilege that was configured for the login source indicated in the error. Unfortunately the ACDB file does not contain the default privilege specified by the administrator, so the user creation step fails with the error indicated above.
PROBLEM: User is getting the error during proj/ config proj/network. BUT not getting serial number mismatch.
CMS-XML Error: INTERNAL ERROR 1013 ASSERT() failed in source file using Project Assistant
User had configured the project assistant and got the above error as soon as it began to create the project. The problem was due to the fact that the source or workfile directories the user had configured the assistant to use were on the local WIN95 workstation and many of them had more than eight characters.
CMS-XML User Error: #463 An error occurred while attempting to detect the Login source of Netware
Problem: After selecting the Login source of Netware in Project / Configure Project and choosing OK VM responded with the above error.
CMS-XML How to configure a Linux/UNIX machine so local users are automatically configured to run PVCS Version Manager commands
Before they can run any PVCS Version Manager command, users have to source the vmprofile or vmcshrc file based from whatever shell the user is using, to add the VM directories to the user's search PATH and setup a number of environment variables. Users of a sh/ksh/bash shell should run: VM_install_dirctory
CMS-XML VM: How to prevent a project admin from embedding or unembedding files or login sources.
How to restrict users modifying 'Make Secure' settings. Is there a way to allow a user to configure projects, but prevent them from using the "Make Secure" options, under the Actions menu?
CMS-XML The At A Glance Series from Serena Support : Configuring VM File Server Path Maps
The attachments on this article have a presentation in Adobe Acrobat PDF and PowerPoint format containing an overview of the process with hyperlinks to sources on the Support web site or references to Version Manager documentation.
CMS-XML VM: How to prevent a project administrator from embedding or un-embedding files or login sources
When embedding a configuration file , access control database, or login source , VM stores the information in the <VM_Install>\PVCS\VM\WIN32\BIN\vmwfvc.dll file. To prevent users from accidentally embedding or un-embedding a setting, make sure they only have read access to the vmwfvc.dll file.
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