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CMS-XML The created archive files from Edit | Copy action are not "Read Only"
This issue has been resolved as of VM 8.4.5. For older VM releases, any archive update (lock, unlock, label, promote, checkin, etc.) should cause the Read-Only attribute to be applied to the file.
CMS-XML About: - What is the TRANSLATE archive attribute and how do I use it correctly?
Windows files store EOL characters as <CR><LF> (Carriage Return, Line Feed), while UNIX stores EOL characters as <LF> (Line Feed) only. If you make a binary copy of a Windows generated file to a UNIX operating system (e.g. using binary FTP copy ) and then look at the file in a text editor, you will see ^M characters at the end of every line. This is normal behavior and has nothing to do with VM.
CMS-XML Using Edit | Copy in VM Desktop GUI fails to preserve changes to RootWorkspace
The new Include the Workfile Location setting checkbox allows you to include the Workfile Location when copying the workspace settings, else it is not copied and you must specify a new location in the Workfile Location field . See the help topic for the dialog for more information.
MS-WORD Here are the steps you will want to take in order to copy your project databases over to your new server
Use the copy Project Database wizard. In the Location field , browse to the directory that was created on the new server to house this Project Database.
CMS-XML How To: VM6.5: Copying 5.3/6.0 Projects into 6.5+ Project Databases
Specify a name for the new 6.5+ project database in the Name field . The name cannot begin or end with a tab or blank space. Any character can be used in the name except an asterisk (*), a colon (:), a vertical bar (|), forward and backward slashes (/ \), a question mark (?), and angle brackets (< >).
CMS-XML VM 8.5 Desktop Client GUI no longer supports right-click context menu to copy and paste label names
Prior to VM 8.5, pressing right-click on the the Assign version label field , in the dialog by the same name, would bring up a context menu that let you either copy the label name (for the first label being applied) or paste the label name (for subsequent files).
CMS-XML The correct way to delete archive files when using the Version Manager File Server
Right-click on the project or subproject to be deleted and select "Properties". Look for the "New Archive Location" field and copy the contents.
CMS-XML Checkout or Get by a Version Label which starts with a number will give the error: "Could not find a revision named [LabelName] in the archive [ArchivePath]"
For VM releases prior to 8.4.3 this is necessary even when selecting the label from the revision picker using the [...] button: manually add the backslash in front of the selected label, once it has been copied into the Revision field . As of VM 8.4.3, the [...] revision picker automatically put a backslash there if the selected label would otherwise be misinterpreted as a revision number. 2.Rename the Version Label:
TEXT ReadmeIFC.txt
ISSUES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5.1 Web Settings Dialog Box Doesn't Display Field 5.2 Adding Files to Copied Folders in FrontPage 98 5.3 FrontPage Allows You to Delete Locked Files
TEXT ReadmeIFC.txt
~~~~~~ 5.1 Web Settings Dialog Box Doesn't Display Field 5.2 Adding Files to Copied Folders in FrontPage 98 5.3 FrontPage Allows You to Delete Locked Files 5.4 Files Appear to Lose Source Control Status 6.0 DOCUMENTATION ISSUES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6.1 Restart IDE for New Pulse Setting to Take Effect 6.2 5.3/6.0 Project Conversion: PvMig and prjcvt.txt
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