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CMS-XML How To: VM6.5: Copying 5.3/6.0 Projects into 6.5+ Project Databases
Before copying a 5. ... You can copy 5.3 ... ... the option of copying 5.3 ... ... , which the copy wizard prompts you ... create when you copy the project root ... ... database before you copy the 5. ... To copy 5.3 ... ... you want to copy (upgrade) ... ... you want to copy . ... Select Edit | Copy . The Copy Project dialog box ... ... you want to copy the project and ... A second Copy Project dialog box ... ... organize the newly copied project based on ... ... organize the newly copied project based on ... A third Copy Project dialog box ...
... If none is defined , VM uses ... ... database can be copied . Define in Admin | Configure Project | Promotion model ... Definition : A list of users and groups, stored in an archive, that specifies who is authorized to perform operations on that archive. Modify/Append/Delete an Access List – Select the files and go to Admin | Archive Attributes | Advanced ... Definition : Collections of users that are defined in the access control database. ... Adding/ copying /deleting the groups:
CMS-XML VMINET: VM Server 6.7.11 Readme with Release Highlights
... 1021246] ServerName Field in Configurator Not ... 7.8 [1007517] Duplicate Servlet Lines on vminet.html ... After installing IE, repeat the above steps and select the Microsoft virtual machine item, and then click Download. ... The Sample Database and Servlet Definitions may remain, but all other files should be removed.
CMS-XML Changing the servers.ini location overwrites the newly selected file if it was not selected using the file browser
... two File Server definitions files, servers ... If you use the browse feature to select another file (by pressing the [...] button by the "Store server configuration information in:" field ), you get a dialog saying: ... If, instead of browsing, you select another file by using the keyboard or by using right-click Paste (with the new file path in the copy buffer), VM will not prompt you but silently replace the contents of the new file with those from the currently selected one.
CMS-XML About: Commonly Used UNIX Commands/Utilities
- copies a file from ... ... version intact Can define paths and copy file to a ... - copies files from disk ... ... device name> copies files to tape ... specifies number of copies to be printed ... lp -c copies the file before ... Can define paths and move ... copies one or more ... ... By default sed copies lines from the ... ... u unique removes duplicate lines - copies files from disk ... ... device name> copy files to tape - copy standard input to ... ... options] [ fields ] [+ ... ... lines that are repeated ... that are not repeated - copy the standard input ...
CMS-XML How To: VMINET 6.0 -- Run JavaWebServer as a Service
Steps to successfully run JavaWebServer1.1 as a service with VM Server. JWS cannot read a UNC path as the path to the project root defined in the servlet. ... file referenced in the project root directory field of the VM-INET Servlet Configuration Utility must be local to the webserver and referenced with a drive letter. ... Copy all of the .DLLs from the <java_home>\bin directory and <pvcs_home>\vminet\system directory to the <java_home>\lib directory.
MS-POWERPOINT Using the File Server to Enhance Performance and Security
You can copy a pvcsldap. ... ... dummy PDB to define LDAP server, ... , User naming attribute , etc. If you leave off the Username part (–id:Password), the username as defined by the login source will be used. ... Copying a File Server Archive ... Use -r and -c with -z (recursive) to move or copy directories. ... The File Servers to be used by VM I-Net are the same as those defined in the VM desktop client as executed: ... Defining File Servers on non-graphical UNIX systems
PDF MERANT PVCS VM for Visual Age for Java
... (s) field or click the ... branches, definition of 29 ... ordering hard- copy manuals 20 suite ... hard- copy manuals, ordering ... ... ordering hard- copy manuals 20 using ... ordering hard- copy manuals 20 organizing ... ... tip revision, definition of 27 trunk, definition of 29 typographical ... version labels assigning 56 definition of 28 deleting 60 reassigning 58 renaming 58 viewing 64 Version Manager about project databases 26 launching 46 workspaces 45 versioned files comparing 74 editing 52 viewing properties 62 source control activity 66 VM I-NET, description of 11
CMS-XML VM: The 'Check tips against version/revision' history report returns 'No history exists matching the requested specifications.' when using Default Revision in GUI or PCLI.
Steps to reproduce : ... In revision field define 'Test'. ... Now try the same steps again, but this time leave the revision field as [Default Revision]. ... The workaround is to explicitly define the Version Label for the report instead of using [Default Revision].
PDF Version Manager Server ReadMe Files
You may need to repeat this step a couple of times. ... 3. In the Server Name field , delete the period at the end of the host's name. ... Ifthefull-text search feature of the online manuals does not work, you may need to define the location of the search index file as follows: ... 7.1 [1021899] ServerName Field in Servlet Configurator Not Respected The Servlet Configurator is now honoring the ServerName field when creating URLs.
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