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Click here to download Connector Documentation
The SBM Connector documentation is available for download with the Connector software. Please select your version of SBM and download the appropriate Connector Software which contains the documentation. Please note you must be licensed for the Connector pack in order to download.
CMS-XML Version Manager Rich IDE (RIDE) integrations fail to connect to SBM with error "Could not authenticate (Invalid user)"
Version Manager Rich IDE (RIDE) integrations fail to connect to SBM with error "Could not authenticate (Invalid user)"
CMS-XML Version Manager RIDE clients shows " PKIX path building failed" while trying to connect to TeamTrack/SBM over SSL
Open IE and go to the https-based URL that is used to connect to SBM . Click through any warning dialogs that may show up complaining about the certificate, until you see the login screen. Go to File -> Properties and click the Certificates button.
CMS-XML How to set up associations between SBM records and PVCS Version Manager check in operations
The next thing is determine HOW (which VM interface) the end users access the VM project data as this will determine the connector . For the Web client (browser)
CMS-XML Cannot get SourceBridge to work after upgrading from Tracker to SBM
When you install SourceBridge for Version Manager to connect it to SBM , you can run into an issue if you previously used Trackerlink to connect it to Tracker. In this scenario SourceBridge may not show up as being installed or usable by Version Manager.
CMS-XML VM GUI/Sourcebridge - Tracker or SBM reference with ttsourcebridge error
In the VM Desktop Client GUI, when unlocking an archive, you get prompted to log into TeamTrack or SBM , or you get a ttsourcebridge error saying "Could not connect to SBM server". The error is thrown despite Admin | SourceBridge Settings having Use settings for: All Users
CMS-XML VM I-Net (web client) users can no longer perform module associations with TeamTrack or SBM after installing JRE 1.6.0 Update 22 (1.6.0_22) or newer connect ,resolve)
CMS-XML VM with SBM 11.7+ SSO: DaemonServer crashes using VM I-Net Web Client or RIDE with server-side processing
The DaemonServer processes used by the Web Client, RIDE App Server, and the File Server (for split archives) can crash whenever a user connects with an SSO token that was created by an SBM 11.7+ SSO server. SSO tokens are used to validate a user is authenticated, and in the SBM 11.7+ SSO server the format of that token changed in such a way that it can kill the DaemonServer.
CMS-XML Using SourceBridge from the VM I-Net Web Client when the connection to the SBM server uses HTTPS (Secure Sockets Layer - SSL)
C:\Temp>"C:\Program Files\Serena\vm\common\jre\win32\bin\java" TestHTTPS Connecting to URL ""... PASS: Successfully read 18 lines from URL.
CMS-XML Version Manager clients shows " PKIX path building failed" while trying to connect to an SSO-based Project Database
For certificates that were signed by a Certificate Authority (CA), obtain a copy of that CA's public certificate. For self-signed certificates, or in lieu of having access to the CA's public certificate, obtain the system-specific certificate from the SBM server. This can be done from a browser client.
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