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CMS-XML VM: How to clean the archive directories of unwanted archives?
VM: How to clean the archive directories of unwanted archives?
CMS-XML Disabling the "Cleanup association on undo checkout" option does not work properly
Disabling the " Cleanup association on undo checkout" option does not work properly
HTML Merant PVCS Version Manager Release Notes
Must Occassionally Clean Out \tomcat\work\localhost8080 Directory to Run VM I-Net [1034993]
CMS-XML Changing the time at which the Version Manager File Server Background Processor starts
The Version Manager File Server contains a Background Processor process that runs once every 24 hours to clean up the Revision Library (see KB article S132672 for more info). Depending on the size of the Revision Library directories, this process may run for an extensive amount of time (e.g. an hour or more) and put a fair amount of load on the system while it is running.
CMS-XML Serena VM Web Application Server process used too much memory when daily Background Processor task started
The File Server component in the Serena VM Web Application Server has a Background Processor task that cleans up the Revision Libraries every 24 hours. This process can consume too much memory, causing server slowness or java.lang.OutOfMemoryException failures.
CMS-XML File Server ignores Background Processors progress / time-of-last-run on restart
The File Server has a Background Processor thread that runs once every 24 hours to clean up the Revision Library. While the Background Processor thread runs, it updates the server-config.wsdd file at timed intervals so that, should the File Server be restarted while this thread is running, the Background Processor can pick up close to where it left off, instead of having to start again from scratch.
CMS-XML VM 8:  Version Manager patch for Merant Build: VMMBIU_112103
Merant Build can build a project in several different modes--Incremental, Clean , and so on. In this release, if you try to build in Exact mode, you may see errors in your build transcript and the build may not execute correctly. An Exact build should check out and build new revisions from the archives if the date and time on the archive revisions does not match exactly the date and time on the existing workfiles.
CMS-XML VM I-Net server shows Java stackdump errors from Tomcat after upgrading to a newer release
When upgrading an existing installation of Version Manager, the newly installed VM I-Net server may fail to work if the following are true: Old version was uninstalled using Add/Remove programs, but the installation directory was not manually wiped clean afterwards. New version was installed in same directory as old one.
CMS-XML GUI Mass move operation is terminated on error
without given the user a chance to ignore this error and just skip the file. This can make it very hard to complete a mass copy operation, since the files that were copied prior to error will introduce even more conflicts for future copy attempts, requiring them to get cleaned up first.
CMS-XML How To: Detecting a Virus inside a VM archive
Some viruses can be detected inside a VM archive. Please do not allow the virus scanner to clean the virus as it will destroy the archive making it unusable. Please follow the procedure outlined under step 2 below to remove an infected revision from an archive.
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