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CMS-XML DEV INT: "Error: Failed to lock [filename]" (WSAD 4/VM integration)
DEV INT: "Error: Failed to lock [filename]" (WSAD 4/VM integration)
CMS-XML Problem: : Removing one lock from an archive containing multiple locks on one revision fails
Problem: If a revision is locked by 2 users as in the example below: PVCS Version Manager (vlog) v6.0.10 (Build 24) for Windows NT/80x86
CMS-XML VM 8.4.6: mutexError(pvcs.exception.FsMutexException,failed to lock lockable)
Sample error from catalina file on the VM I-Net Server: remote_open - FAIL code -34 Mutex Error file \\PathMap\Directory\File
CMS-XML VM 8.4.6: HotFix to resolve mutexError (pvcs.exception.FsMutexException,failed to lock lockable) and/or random lockups of the File Server clients
Mutex error: "failed to lock lockable" or find that the VM desktop client GUI locked up. These errors could lead to a need to restart the Serena VM Web Application Server or the VM client experiencing the problem.
CMS-XML Check in of an unchanged file can break ability to run a journal file report on locked files
In the Project Configuration, under Archive -> Locking , ensure that "Remove lock on unchanged revision" is set. Check out a file and check it back in, unchanged: Version Manager will unlock the revision instead of checking in a new revision. The journal file shows a correct entry, but the journal file processor (Show Journal) cannot handle it, as it expects to find a "put -r" entry to indicate a revision was checked in, but doesn't find one.
CMS-XML Java 7 Domain Account Locks on windows 7 and XP
Java SE Ver 7 all updates are failing Kerberos Pre_Auth and locking domain user accounts because of truncated UDP packets. When a user opens a page that uses JavaScript their domain account gets a bad password, subsequent openings in the lockout threshold window (5 in 30 minutes for us) results in a domain account lockout This effects XP\Win7 (32Bit browsers with IE 8 and 9)
CMS-XML About: VM6.5: Configuration is Locked by Another User.
file is created to place a lock on the configuration file while it is being modified. If more than one individual attempts to configure a project at the same time, or if the .lck file has not been automatically deleted due to a power failure , for example, the following warning message is displayed.
CMS-XML Software Error: #51267 'The project 'PROJNAME' cannot be locked because another project which ...
When the program attempted to lock Project B it created the projsem.$$$ files in the archive directories first, and then came upon a shared archive directory and failed - and then didn't clean up the projsem.$$$ files it had already created.
CMS-XML VM I-Net LDAP users still see session lock errors / LDAP_BIND does not honor timeout
In addition, this fix addresses a problem where Version Manager could generate one of the following messages when LDAP debug mode was enabled (PVCS_LDAP_DEBUG=verbose) and the LDAP server connection failed while using anonymous bind: LDAP_BIND: dn: anonymous
CMS-XML Problem: VB Interface - Cannot find locked revision or archive revision numbers are jumping to higher numbers
2. If both files have the same revision numbers, then the check in works without a problem 3. If the first file's revision number is lower (for example 1.5) than the second file's revision number (for example - 1.7), then the check in will fail for the second file when both are checked in at the same time (this is because Version Manager is checking the second file's revision 1.5 for a lock ).
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