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CMS-XML Serena VM Web Application Server fails to start. Application Event Log shows "The RegQueryValueEx function failed for the following reason: The system cannot find the file specified."
You can either fix the incorrect or missing values or recreate the entire set using default values by launching the Version Manager Application Server utility (also known as VPADMIN.EXE) and clicking "Remove NT Service" followed by "Install NT Service". Please note that recreating the NT Service this way will also have removed any specific user running the service, so you may have to run the NT Service manager to change the restored default user (Local System) to the desired one.
CMS-XML VM I-Net: Workfile Location browser is greyed out and shows no files. Add, Get and Put operations show java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError:
Lacking an upgrade, always access the VM I-Net server using a URL that is based on the server name that was specified in the Version Manager Application Server administration tool on Windows (aka. VPADMIN.EXE
CMS-XML VM VMINET - How to enforce an approval process in Version Manager
... out but the manager checks the files ... ... Setup a PREPUT event trigger. ... to have the manager flag electronically that ... ... writable by the manager and readable by ... The event trigger would check the directory for the filename and, if found, it would pass. ... Setup a list file that would contain the name of the file that was approved, and have the manager update this file. ... You can expand on this either in the trigger or perhaps via your e-mail system by notifying the manager of any file needing approval and notifying the user that approval has been given.
CMS-XML How To: #614 Error Messages following PVCS_E_CANT_DELETE_SEMAPH - PVCS_E_SCRIPT_NOT_
Manager at the same time." ... PVCS_E_SCRIPT_NOT_FOUND "Cannot find the build script containing event \ ... Select Project / Configure Project / Event Triggers and \
CMS-XML VMINET: VM Server 6.7.11 Readme with Release Highlights
... .2 Using Event Triggers 4. ... ... . Enter the URL : http: ... ... .2 Using Event Triggers The functionality of event triggers differs significantly ... ... operations available to event triggers through VM ... operations available to event triggers through the ... ... When working with event triggers, note ... ... the Unconditional PrePut Event Trigger fires twice ... Event Trigger programs affected by these characteristics may require modification. * If the event trigger puts up a dialog box, it is actually displayed on the server, not the client.
CMS-XML Tomcat Vulnerability - CVE-2011-3190
If you do not need to integrate with a 3rd party web server, meaning end-users directly connect to the Serena VM Web Application Server by specifying :8080 or :8090 in their URLs : Unselect the Enabled box for Microsoft IIS server in the Version Manager Application Server Admin utility (VPADMIN) and remove the ISAPI redirector from IIS (Default Web Site -> Properties -> ISAPI filters: jakarta
CMS-XML Is Version Manager 8.5.3 affected by CVEs that include Tomcat 7.0.57 as an affected release?
... Apache Tomcat Security Manager Bypass CVE- ... ... Apache Tomcat Security Manager Bypass CVE- ... ... constraint with a URL that did not ... redirect to the URL with the trailing ... ... page of the Manager and Host Manager applications included a valid ... ... access to the Manager or Host Manager applications (typically these ... ... not include the Manager and Host Manager applications . ... Low: Security Manager bypass CVE- ... ... under a security manager . ... when a security manager was configured. ... Moderate: Security Manager bypass CVE- ... ... under a security manager . ... bypass a security manager .
CMS-XML VM: How to use an SSL certificate from IIS with Tomcat in the PVCS Version Manager Web Application Server
Check the SSL certificate that IIS is using by launching Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager ... Select the Manager Server page (a.k.a. ... IMPORTANT: Before changing the File Server URL in the VM Desktop Client from http://server:8080 to https
CMS-XML VM 8.6+: Using certtool to generate an SSL certificate for the PVCS VM Web Application Server (Tomcat) that is signed by your Certificate Authority
PVCS Certificate Manager (CertTool) ... PVCS Certificate Manager (CertTool) ... ... -getcertbyurl - url https:/ ... C:\PVCSVMCerts>certtool -ssl-getcertbyurl - url ... PVCS Certificate Manager (CertTool) v1.0112 ... certtool -ssl-getcertbyurl - url https:// ... C:\Users\rgering>certtool -ssl-getcertbyurl - url ... PVCS Certificate Manager (CertTool) v1.0112
CMS-XML File Server Admin page fails to load with HTTP Status 500 error
Servlet URL : /SampleDB ... Web Server Application URL for [TeamTrack]: ... On Windows this scenario can also happen if all servlets point to a File Server, but the File Server was not running at the time the Version Manager Application Server configuration tool was executed. ... < url -pattern>/SampleDB/* </ url -pattern> ... < url -pattern>/SampleDB </ url -pattern>
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