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CMS-XML Difference report on UNIX files result is on one line because of CR as EOL
When go to Actions | Show Differences, and compare two UNIX text files with CR as EOL. The result is that everything is shown on ONE line because the CR is not translated into CR/LF.
CMS-XML Problem: : adding a \ or a \\ to the end of a line to denote a comment (for Keyword Expansion)
" Actions | Change Attributes" dialog. The syntax \ \r\n
failed in source file src\folderdc.c, line 109
CMS-XML Error: "The Access Control Database Is Corrupted" or "Cannot perform action on archive"
To fix this you simply need to edit the access db at the command line :
CMS-XML How To: Command Line Basics
Get is your basic check out command, the command line equivalent of actions /check out. Basic Syntax:
CMS-XML VM: Journal file is not updated when using command line (CLI)
Every time you perform an action that will modify a VM archive (check-out, lock, check-in, version label, promotion group...), if a journal has been set up for your project database or project, the action should be registered in the journal. This is valid whether you're using the VM GUI, the Command Line Interface (CLI), VM I-NET or an IDE connected to VM.
CMS-XML Command Line with Parenthesis. How to get around it
SET PVCS_LEFT_SEPARATOR=[ vcs -w"CMMI Generic Artifact Mapping.xls" "D:\Version Manager\8023\vm\common\SampleDb\archives\chess\SCAMPI Action Plan (ML2-3) CMMI Mapping.xls-arc" Serena ChangeMan Version Manager (vcs) v8.1.2.2 (Build 125) for Windows NT/80x86
CMS-XML VM: CLI: Performing a command with the -v option causes the Command Line to hang.
============================================================ Example: The following example is on a file where actions have been performed using VM 6.0 and
CMS-XML VM: What information is stored in a journal file?
the user who performed it what command- line action and option was performed The journal file is viewed as a report by selecting Show Journal
Faster – no GUI refresh. Can perform more actions – GUI has about 85% functionality of the command- line . Can write scripts to do multiple actions.
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