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CMS-XML SLM: How to configure SLM (Serena License Manager) and its clients for a redundant server environment
... an existing redundant server configuration, go ... ... the first 3 SERVER lines to match ... ... TCP/IP port and the end of each SERVER line where the ... Specifying this port is required as ... ... If the SLM servers will be behind ... about specifying a port for the merant ... SERVER this_host ... SERVER this_host ... SERVER this_host ... SERVER huey 012c ... SERVER dewey 023c ... SERVER louie 011c ... ... compare the 3 SERVER lines in this email with the ones ... ... matches between the email and the respective ... ... keys using the correct hostid for every ...
CMS-XML VMINET: VM Server 6.7.11 Readme with Release Highlights
... MERANT PVCS VM SERVER Version 6. ... 1 Supported VM Server Platforms 1. ... Server on Windows 2000 ... .9 iPlanet Web Server on Pentium IV servers . ... Be Purged from Server 4.4 ... ... when Accessing iPlanet Web Server from Netscape 5 ... Error if the Server Has No Domain ... of PVCS VM Server Configuration Dialog Box ... ... 1 Supported VM Server Platforms VM Server is now supported ... ... 2000 Server Supported Web Servers : - iPlanet ... ... and 8 Supported Web Servers : - iPlanet ... VM Server now includes IBM's ... ... Netscape with VM Server . ... This has been corrected .
MS-WORD VM WebDAV Server Training
... installed VM WebDAV server on a non ... ... you to the correct location in the ... is the same port that is shown in the \tomcat\conf\server.xml file. ... <Parameter name=" port " value="8017"/> ... This port should be 8017 (tomcat’s default port number for VM WebDAV server ), in case they are different. ... - Make the following lines just above the “fn=document-root” entry in the <Object name=default> section
PDF Version Manager Server ReadMe Files
VM Server is now supported ... Supported Web Servers : - iPlanet ... Supported Web Servers : - iPlanet ... VM Server now includes IBM's ... ... Netscape with VM Server . ... This has been corrected . VM Server 6.7 ... ... "PVCS VM Server Installation Guide" ... b) Enter jakarta as the alias. ... d) For the physical path, enter or browse to: <VM_Server_Install_Dir>\vminet\tomcat\bin\win32\i386 ... 1. Enter the URL: http://<hostname>:< port >/vminet_install.html
CMS-XML How to test a port connection on a Windows Server
Type: $TCPClient = New-Object -TypeName System.Net.Sockets.TCPClient Press enter . Type: $TCPClient.Connect('',389)
CMS-XML After installing Microsoft Windows patch KB3172605 on a client PC, Internet Explorer can no longer access Tomcat-based servers via HTTPS (ports 8443/8444)
Make sure the web address https://ServerName :8443 is correct . Look for the page with your search engine.
CMS-XML VM 8.6.1+: Login to Solution Business Manager from VM I-Net Web Client shows "The server sent HTTP status code -1: null" when using old SBM release
Cannot log into SBM. Check that the URL is correct and opens in a browser, check the user credentials, and try logging in again.
MS-WORD This is an example event trigger to send an email when an archive is promoted
In this example, the command line email program was on a local drive. In most cases, it would make sense to put the command line email program on a server that all users have mapped.
CMS-XML How To: Send email notification with an Event Trigger in Version Manager
blat.exe temp.log -t <> - server <smtp mail server >
MS-WORD Run VM Server as an NT Service
In the field labeled "This Account", choose an account that is an ADMINISTRATOR on the web server , is a domain user, and has full rights to the directories and files referenced in the Version Manager configuration files (including archive directories, access database locations, etc.) and enter the appropriate password.
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