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CMS-XML How to encrypt LDAP bind passwords stored in the Configuration.xml file of a VM SSO Server
< Setting Name="" Type="xsd:string">TopSecret</Setting>
CMS-XML VM Configure Project Login source needs to be able to use and create SSO URIs containing "idp"
As of SBM 10.1.3, the preferred way to communicate with an SSO server running on SBM is via the webapp "idp". Unfortunately Version Manager's Login source screen in Configure Project does not allow for this, as it does not expose the URI itself but constructs one behind the scenes based on information provided to the UI. This means VM continues to use the webapps "TokenService" and "ALFSSOLogin".
CMS-XML VM: SSO Login fails with error "Failed to verify signature"
An attempt to login to Version Manager that is configured to use an SSO server fails. The login page shows the error Failed to verify signature
CMS-XML VM I-Net users can no longer update archives after their first SSO token expired
VM I-Net web client users accessing a File Server-based Project Database that is configured to use SSO ( Single Sign On ) may find that certain users are sometimes no longer able to perform archive update operations. Scenario:
CMS-XML VM 8.5.x cannot open SSO based Project Databases from SCC-based IDEs
If you have a Project Database that is configured to use SSO , attempts to open this PDB via SCC will fail in VM 8.5.x with the error: Open Error Selected directory does not contain a valid project database.
CMS-XML Version Manager desktop client has grayed out Smart Card Login button on the SSO Login dialog (CAC login)
Make sure that ActivIdentity's ActivClient, or a similar piece of software, is installed and configured to read the Common Access Cards. On the desktop client, make sure the file VM_Install_Dir \vm\common\pvcsprop\pvcs\vm\sso\card.config
CMS-XML VM desktop client GUI shows error "ttsourcebridge.dll is not compatible to work with SSO token"
While performing a Check Out, Lock, Check In or Unlock operation using the desktop client GUI, the following warning message is shown: ttsourcebridge.dll is not compatible to work with SSO token This only happens for files in Project Databases that are configured to use the SSO (Serena Single Sign-On ) login source.
CMS-XML SourceBridge Web Client - Unable to make issue associations from VM I-Net Web Client when using Serena Single-Sign-On (SSO) with Internet Explorer
Due to a bug in Internet Explorer (IE) involving the loss of cookie data (as demonstrated here ), using Associate to link a Check Out or Check In to an issue in SBM may fail when it is performed from IE in a configuration that uses SSO . When this happens, the Java console shows Unknown MIME type "text/html;charset=UTF-8".
CMS-XML Version Manager SSO: Default Certificates for STS, GATEKEEPER and VMSERVER expire starting June 13th 2015
Select a Project Database Go to Admin -> Configure Project: Login Source Check if the selected Login Source is SSO/CAC
CMS-XML Utility to update the SSO (Serena Single Sign-On) certificates used by PVCS Version Manager
Select a Project Database Go to Admin -> Configure Project: Login Source Check if the selected Login Source is SSO/CAC
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