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CMS-XML How to configure Version Manager to use a single license per user when users simultaneously login from multiple workstations
... Manager simultaneously with SBM , TeamTrack or ... ... when using it SBM 11.5 ... , as SBM enables the same ... ... and one for SBM . ... using it with SBM 11.4 ... ... and one for SBM /TeamTrack/ ... For Bourne shell variants (bash ... ... For C- shell variants (csh ... ... after making this change . ... after making this change . If VM 8.6.2 or newer shares Professional licenses with SBM 11.4 or older, TeamTrack, or Tracker, you need to specifically disable the feature on VM 8.6.2+ to avoid double license use.
CMS-XML SLM: How to configure SLM (Serena License Manager) and its clients for a redundant server environment
... Example of combined changes : Copy the modified serena.lic ... Dimensions RM, SBM , Tracker, ... ... is necessary in case the first server ... SBM (any version ... are based on SBM ... do so, change for following: - SBM /TeamTrack: ... Mashup Administrator or SBM System Administrator) ... All SBM releases and TeamTrack ... In the latter case , the license server assumes it is starting up in a fail scenario where the first server is down, and the second server from the list will be elected master. ... file from that system to the other license servers after making the changes .
CMS-XML Version Manager clients shows " PKIX path building failed" while trying to connect to an SSO-based Project Database
This error is shown because the Java Runtime Engine (JRE) used by Version Manager does not know the certificate that is used to encrypt the SSL data, or it does not know the Certificate Authority that was used to sign this certificate (in case the certificate was not self-signed). ... For self-signed certificates, or in lieu of having access to the CA's public certificate, obtain the system-specific certificate from the SBM server. ... Switch to the Details tab and press the Copy to File button
CMS-XML VM 8.6.1: In-place upgrade from VM 8.6.0 fails with Restore report showing a failure for the file gatekeeper-core-config.xml
utility (vpadmin) having changed the file VM_Install_Dir ... The following steps assume that Version Manager is not configured to authenticate users via a Serena SSO server (from VM or SBM ) as it deploys the default file from the new VM release. ... In case you received an error message, please open a support incident with Micro Focus support and include the output.
CMS-XML Problem: VM seems to change filenames from lower to upper case
When using Version Manager on with a Novell Network 4.11 (Intranetware) lower case files that are originally checked in, upon checkout are changed to upper case. I.e.
CMS-XML How to change the TeamTrack Host for an Eclipse RIDE project
I am using Eclipse with the VM RIDE integration and use the issue integration with an SBM / TeamTrack server, and that server is moving to another machine. How can I change change the TeamTrack Host URL to point there?
CMS-XML Cannot get SourceBridge to work after upgrading from Tracker to SBM
Because Trackerlink was installed first it, it continues to be the default integration for issue management. To change this you need to run the Issue Management Integration
CMS-XML VM I-Net: file association with SBM issue may fail for reasons that are not clear
This can happen if the user lacked the ability to change a version label and the label that VM wanted to associate for the issue already existed, because this wasn't the first check-in for this issue. The inability to apply a label produces the unhelpful error message shown.
CMS-XML Version Manager SourceBridge - Issue with "Include Change User Info" setting
This is a known issue in SourceBridge as included with SBM 2009 R1. To avoid this problem, upgrade to SBM 2009 R2 and download & install its SourceBridge executable.
CMS-XML What Version Manager releases support SSO authentication using an SSO server running on SBM 11.1?
or newer. There is no need to change the SSO configuration in the Project Databases, but if you are using the VM I-Net Web Client do make sure the SSO Server URL in the Serena Version Manager Server Admin
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