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CMS-XML DTK: File Server can no longer fetch old revisions from split archives after trying to update a corrupt archive 16 times
If the Revision Library of a File Server contains one or more corrupt delta.d archives, the DaemonServer that works on behalf of the File Server will stop working after processing 16 requests to write to or read from a corrupt delta.d file.
CMS-XML VM 8.6.1: When using HTTPS, the VM I-Net Web Client can get stuck processing Agent-based operations and ultimately fail with Transfer process has unknown timeout exception
Transfer process has unknown timeout exception. Process status is REQUESTED , difference time is #
CMS-XML The tomcat.log file on a File Server contains numerous entries stating "fs - Ending command with error" while referencing "writeOption: mkdir; path must be new"
file. A single mass-get type operation that involves many projects can cause numerous of these entries to get logged. The processing of the mkdir request as well as the logging of the failure for this event takes time .
CMS-XML VM: Configuring VM Server 6.8 daemon processes
VM Server 6.8 is capable of processing multiple user requests simultaneously. This is accomplished through multiple VM daemon processes. These daemons are initialized when VM Server starts up.
CMS-XML PCLI repeatedly requests the same license, causing the SLM License Server to (temporarily) fail for all users
Under certain circumstances it is possible for PCLI to flood the License Server with repeated request for the same User@Host combination. Even though this will only use a single license on that server, the sheer number of requests can effectively make SLM server stop working by using up all the available TCP ports on the operating system running SLM. Without available ports, SLM server clients (and clients of any other server process running on the OS) can no longer establish a new TCP connection.
CMS-XML RIDE clients shows [INFO] Server-side processing can not be used with pre 8.4.1 server, switching to Client-side processing / Desktop Client cannot contact File Server
<operation name="dir" qname="ns22:dir" xmlns:ns22="PvcsFS"> <parameter name=" req " type="ns22:dirRequest"/> <parameter mode="out" name="error" type="ns22:ArrayOfstring"/>
CMS-XML Version Manager Internal Processing Error Codes / DTK Return Status Values
/* been dissallowed */ #define PVCS_E_NOT_SUPPORTED 110 /* the action or item requested */ /* is not supported */
The Powerbuilder-PVCS interface requires that you have the Version Manager executable directory in your path statement. When you try to connect Powerbuilder to VM, the interface reads the main Version Manager dll e.g VMWFVC.DLL for any embedded information such as the master configuration file, access database etc.
CMS-XML Should I run the Serena VM Web Application Server and a Window Service or as an Application/Process?
This is done from the Log On tab of the Properties of the Serena VM Web Application Service. Note that this Windows security requirement must be met even if the UNC shares being accessed are local to the system.
CMS-XML VM: Entry Point Not Found - The procedure entry point PVCSFSxxxxx could not be located in the dynamic link library pvcsfscli.dll
both exist in the PATH, and that they precede any other directory that contains a DLL with the same name. As a precaution you can place the VM diretories first in the path. This is especially important on systems that also have Dimensions CM installed on them, as this product typically includes an older version of the same DLL.
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