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CMS-XML Using vtransfer -r to rename or move an archive on an old VM File Server does not move the Revision Library directory
As a workaround, locate the Revision Library directory for the archive (using the old path ) and rename and/or move it so it once again lines up with the meta- data archive component. FYI: the relative path to the meta-data archive under the Project DB path of a Path Map has to be the same as the relative path to the revision library directory under the Revision path of the same Path Map.
CMS-XML Product installation fails unexpectedly on Windows, claiming the user has interrupted the operation
When the product installation on Windows has almost completed, the installer suddenly aborts, claiming that the installation has been interrupted by the user, and removes all files and registry keys that had been installed up to that point . When running the installer with the option /verbose"C:\IS.log"
CMS-XML Error: "Cannot create directory \" or "Cannot create directory \pvcsproj.prv" or "Unable to start Version Manager because..."
Steps to Resolve VM will not start. In order to initiate the product you must either make the server location available again - or manually point to a valid (alternate) location. Note that the alternate location will not have the VM Projects, Master.cfg, Access Control Database which existed at the other location.
CMS-XML How To: Moving PVCS products (Version Manager)
CFG=T:\pvcs\configs\master.cfg <----------------This points to the location of the Master Projects configuration file DIR=master <----------------This points to the sub directory of the Master Project relative to the pvcsproj directory ARDIR=master <----------------This is reserved for possible future use
CMS-XML Product Lifecycle and Platform Matrix
The Supported Platform Matrix outlines the product releases with their supported client-side and server-side information , including supported operating systems, browser, third party plugins, product integrations, character sets, and upgrade paths . To navigate to this page:
CMS-XML How To: #1557 Saving Project Data before re-installing Version Manager 5.2.xx (for evaluation extensions)
The Project Root Directory contains the project list, in a file named PVCSPROJ.PUB. This file gets overwritten by subsequent installations of the Version Manager product if Options/ Data File Locations is still pointing to the default location. When this happens, the user's projects are "lost" in that they are no longer listed in PVCSPROJ.PUB and there is no convenient way to get them back.
CMS-XML VM: How can you get VM Server to read embedded information from Version Manager?
Embedded information (cfg file , access db., login source) is held in a file called vmwfvc.dll, which is located in the respective VM product's (VM Server & VM GUI) \bin directory. So, if you have embedded a config file in Version Manager you will find the information in this file: <VM install dir>\vm\win32\bin\vmwfvc.dll. VM Server has it's own vmwfvc.dll
MS-WORD Document Information
You can change the path in your environment settings to UNC after installation. You can change the Product Location and PVCSPROJ location to UNC settings in the ISLV.INI file .
CMS-XML VM: Setting up ACDBs on subprojects using command line
If multiple subprojects will be using an ACDB with the same contents, consider sharing an ACDB file between them, or possibly even sharing the CFG file that points to it. There is no product requirement to have unique files for either, so 10 projects could all point to the same CFG file .
CMS-XML Error: checking if login source, MASTER.CFG or access database was embedded in VM DLL
The information is embedded in VM??VC.dll, (vmufvc.a on UNIX, vmwfvc.dll on NT or W95, vmwlvc.dll on W3.11, DOS or OS/2), which is stored in the executables directory. If you have write-protected this directory or the DLL in question, you will get the above error. The product attempts to open the file as writable to check to see if the information has been embedded.
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