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CMS-XML Problem: VMINET 6.1 - Links from VMINET do not work (links include domain)
Problem: VMINET 6.1 - Links from VMINET do not work ( links include domain)
CMS-XML VM: Relative Path CSS Links found in /vminet/help
VM: Relative Path CSS Links found in /vminet/help
CMS-XML VMINET: Netscape is unable to locate the server
Netscape Enterprise Server install routine takes the machine name, adds a dot, and appends the rest of the domain. If it can't find the domain it leaves the dot there, and any links that get generated with the /< link > format (i. e . /SampleRoot) will have that extra dot which is not a valid server name, hence the error. To fix it: 1.Open the NES Administration Page.
HTML Merant PVCS Version Manager Release Notes
Merant PVCS Version Manager Version Release Notes Each service pack contains all previous defect fixes released since the last full Version Manager release so it is not nescessary to install the previous service packs. Your browser must have JavaScript enabled in order to correctly number and link the items in this readme.
PDF Restrict by Promotion Group_docx
The first step is to establish your Promotion model, you can reach the following screen by right clicking the Project Database and select Configure Project, Select the Promotion Model link in the options pane. A basic promotion model will be used in this example and the Developer will only be able to Promote a Revision Assosciated with the Promotion Group ‘Dev’
MS-WORD Upon installing JavaWebServer1
Upon installing JavaWebServer1.1 and Version Manager Server, the following changes are made to the Windows NT system. Click the links in the table of contents below to jump to a specific section.
CMS-XML About: : VSQL/SQL Export -- Entity Relationship Diagrams -- PVCS Version Manager
There have been requests for an ERD diagram that defines the relationships between tables created via the VSQL command-line program or from the GUI SQL Export.
CMS-XML IE browser hangs when user tries to logon to a servlet
IE browser hangs when logging into a servlet. In one case it hangs right away when clicking the servlet link on vminet.html, or when typing in the servlet URL manually. In another case VM Server hangs after entering login information.
MS-WORD Power Builder 7
Software Demonstrated: PowerBuilder 7.0, Version Manager 6.7 Document intention: To clarify the use of PowerBuilder for the novice, explaining the relationship between an application, pbl, object and source control. Documents in this series (suggested order of reading):
CMS-XML Problem: VMINET 6.x "Select all" does not apply to folder operations
When using the "Select All" link in VMINET from the Project Contents view, actions that modify archives will affect all archives in all folders. Actions that modify a folder (Modify Folder, Delete Folder) will modify the folders on the current page only.
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