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CMS-XML Using Version Manager with a custom SSL certificate - How to change the SSL certificate used to access Tomcat via HTTPS
As of VM, the Tomcat application engine running the Serena VM Web Application Server comes preconfigured with an SSL certificate on port 8443. While this port can be used for HTTPS access, the web browsers running the VM I-Net Web Clients will complain about the certificate because it was created for a different URL ("https://localhost") and is self-signed.
CMS-XML How to configure the Cipher Strength of the Tomcat engine used by the Serena VM Web Application Server and Serena Common Tomcat?
The Tomcat application engine used by the Serena VM Web Application Server and Serena Common Tomcat can be used with HTTPS. By default, Tomcat allows the use of weak SSL ciphers on these connectors.
CMS-XML Serena Version Manager Server Admin utility (VPADMIN) breaks VM I-Net Web Client when adding servlet with umlaut in description
As of VM 8.5.0, adding a servlet containing an umlaut character (ü, ö, ä , etc) in the description generates an invalid web.xml that shows parsing errors in the Tomcat logs and displays vminet.html as an empty page.
CMS-XML Fix for defect DEF188927 - VM SSO problems with SourceBridge
Extract "sourcebridge.exe" from the attached file to the "\SBM\ Application Engine \bin\SourceBridge" directory on the SBM server (or to each client machine) and then re-install SourceBridge using this file. Installing via the SBM User Interface will also use this new executable.
CMS-XML HotFix for SourceBridge Web Client certificate expiring on February 25th 2017
To install the Hotfix, do the following: On the SBM server, stop the Application Engine ( AE ) by shutting down the corresponding website in IIS Admin. Go to the directory SBM_Installation_Directory
CMS-XML pvcs.mlutils.MLAdapter.jni_getSessionId(Native Method)
at pvcs.mlutils.MLAdapter.getSessionId( - locked <0x54923 ae 0> (a java.lang.Class) at pvcs.vm.VmFlex.<init>(
CMS-XML How to replace invalid license keys in Serena License Manager (SLM)
ISSUER=11134358101152008-123456789011-VSLM8 SN=123456789011 \ SIGN="00C6 23C6 5F07 4C9D E8FA 9C48 A42F 5700 02B4 16 AE 2697 \ F7DD 7E2A 841D BFAA"
CMS-XML Utility to update the SSO (Serena Single Sign-On) certificates used by PVCS Version Manager
, TrustedCertEntry, Valid from: Wed Jun 16 15:24:25 PDT 2010 until: Mon Jun 15 15:24:25 PDT 2015 Certificate fingerprint (SHA1): 2F:FD:E5:CE: AE :18:55:C4:B3:79:D5:3F:CF:99:3F:0B:6E:D6:92:3C sts
CMS-XML Version Manager patch for
1.1.4 Security vulnerabilities with Tomcat 5.0 [DEF162503] A number of security vulnerabilities were identified in the Apache Tomcat 5.0.28 application engine that is running the Version Manager Web Application Server used by File Server, VM I-Net, and WebDAV. These issues have been addressed by replacing the application engine with Apache Tomcat release 6.0.20.
CMS-XML VM I-Net: Web client crashes with plug-in error when using JRE 1.6.0 Update 26
0x0358f7f4: 0358f80c 00001000 80004005 032367d0 0x0358f804: 0000038a 032359b0 80004005 6d0 ae 54b 0x0358f814: 00000000 03236e40 6d0b4271 00009825
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