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PDF Version Manager Server ReadMe Files
If you are using the MS Internet Information web server, you may receive a JRun connector proxy timeout error when operating on a large number of files. ... To fix this problem, open jrun.ini, which is located in the Scripts directory specified in the VM Server Configuration tool, and increase the timeout parameter to 3600. Stop and restart IIS Server and the World Wide Web Publishing Service, and restart JRun.
CMS-XML Error: INT APPROVED: Invalid file path specified to SccOpenProject for PowerBuilder
Some of the configuration information stored in the PB.ini is incorrect and will have to be update with the correct information. Open the PB.ini in a text editor and remove the following lines for the [Library]
CMS-XML PVCS VM: You cannot access this project because the LDAP User DN or Password is incorrect, or the Server cannot be reached as specified.
Failed to connect to LDAP server. The User Distinguished Name or password may be invalid .
CMS-XML VM - PCLI Run command returns error ' echo (The system cannot find the file specified)'
Check the script being run for invalid use of the @ command.
CMS-XML CLI command invalid path issue - (error, can't open configuration file)
vcs: error, can't open configuration file "F:\PathDoesNotExists\config.cfg" for reading. The user did not specify the configuration file being referenced, and therefore is unsure how to fix the problem.
CMS-XML "Invalid UserID or Password" error when pvcsldap.ini has read-only permissions
Under LDAP Security, save or point to the pvcsldap.ini by clicking on the ellipsis button under 'Store server configuration info in a file named:'. Then, click on 'File Servers' under the 'Look In' dropdown to specify where the file is to be stored.
CMS-XML VM: How to import an updated SSO STS Trust Certificate / How to solve "Invalid SSO token" errors
or solaris Be sure to specify a fully qualified path for "TheExportedCertificateFile .pem" if it was not copied into the sso folder from which the keytool commands are executed.
CMS-XML Problem: VMINET 6.1: Invalid characters in archives cause browser errors
One way to "fix" the problem is to modify, using "vcs -m" or "vcs -t" every change description and workfile description that contains invalid characters. Obviously, this would be a time-consuming and error -prone task, requiring the user to re- specify every change description. The attached program, written by Paul Caruana of the PVCS Answerline can be run against archives, one at a time, to alter the characters to their new ISO standard values.
CMS-XML VM Error: The specified work item cannot be located
When trying to check a file in, the following error is displayed: Filename
CMS-XML VM: Warning: You are not permitted to add new project to the specified project or project data because you have insufficient privileges.
VM: Warning : You are not permitted to add new project to the specified project or project data because you have insufficient privileges.
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