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CMS-XML Error: #440 PB 4.0: PVCSQueryConfiguration / Unexpected error #107
1) Delete any references to the VCSCFG environment variable in the AUTOEXEC.BAT that my have been utilized in PB 3.0x or command line. ... Check the LIBPATH statement in the users AUTOEXEC.BAT to see what PowerBuilder is picking up.
CMS-XML About: VMINET 6.x: - Considerations for sharing Projects between VM server and VM LAN
Since references to the project ... will also contain references to these same ... ... will all contain references to P: ... not have a reference ... Solutions and their Limitations The restriction is that anyone ... with drive letter references such as reference directory, semaphore ... ... archives to UNC references in an existing ... Use only UNC reference for directory listings. ... This eliminates the need for the drive mapping. The servlet piece must be local to the machine or mapped however (see document # ), and the restrictions on using the webserver are the same as for option 2.
CMS-XML Support: VM 6.0 README for winNT, win95, and OS/2.
Reference Files 1.3 Archives No Longer Corrupted when Deleting File Revisions ... spaces, Version Manager automatically deleted the spaces. ... Reference Files ... write protected reference files on a Novell server. ... did not update the reference file. ... 1.3 Archives No Longer Corrupted when Deleting File Revisions ... a revision of a file was deleted from an archive if the ... listed first in your LIBPATH statement by opening ... LIBPATH statement . ... Line Reference Guide. ... 1) Reboot the system using Ctrl-Alt- Delete . ... 5) Find and delete the two lines similar to the ... Ctrl-Backspace to delete each line.
CMS-XML Problem: #1497 GUI doesn't support certain functions
REGENemploy a delta file on a reference file ... VCSDir(refdir)only one reference directory per project can be defined from within the GUI ... <any conditional statements > ... * A configuration file with any of the above directives will have that directive deleted when you Save the file from the GUI, and comments in the file will be deleted , also.
CMS-XML Version Manager: How to auto-merge multiple files from the command line
If there are merge conflicts , the corresponding files will remain locked, and their default workfile locations will contain the unresolved conflicts in the >>>>>>>>>> ... For details, lookup the the VMRG command in the Command-Line Reference Guide. ... You can specify a particular workspace to write the files to, and/or limit the search to one or more projects. ... Next, merge all these revisios and, if there are no conflicts , check them in, applying the label "Merged" to the new revisions.
CMS-XML About: #1494 Part 3 of 3: Branches and Branch-Only Projects in VM
... that you can restrict access and user ... Restrict access by promotion ... ... privilege that you restrict to a certain ... ... to which you restricted the privilege. ... this, you restrict the privileges that ... Each of these projects will contain a project-specific promotion hierarchy, such as Feb_H_O_DEV, Feb_H_O_ACC and Feb_H_O_PROD so as not to conflict with any other (branch) project's promotion groups. ... 1.Project Nameto eliminate inter-project confusion 2.Release Nameto eliminate confusion between releases
CMS-XML Version Manager Internal Processing Error Codes / DTK Return Status Values
#define PVCS_E_CANT_DELETE 23 /* Error deleting a file */ ... /* attempting to delete a */ ... /* privilege statement */ ... /* control GROUP statement */ ... /* control USER statement */ ... /* deleted because it */ ... #define PVCS_E_REF_DIR_NOT_FOUND 118 /* A reference directory was */
CMS-XML About: MASTER.CFG - A Master Configuration File Baseline
# WARNING: VMGUI will retain only INCLUDE file statements , ... # Delete this block if you're on the command line only... ... UNKNOWN should have very limited privileges (same ... # which is a limited set we can list, and then default to "OFF" for all binary
CMS-XML Error: Cannot open file. Either you do not have network privileges or the pathname to the file does not exist.... Common causes of common errors.
should be closely examined before they are deleted . ... Reference directory (does it exist?) ... If one of the directories does not exist (It gets deleted after the project has been configured), you may get this ... The access control database, expand keywords, and VCSID references are specified in these .cfg ... the references are correct. ... 13.) Archive Limits : ... The following limits exist on WIN95 workstations for PVCS VM 5.3.10 ... Archive length limit to be able to create the archive and check in the initial revision is
CMS-XML About: - The Truth About SETUID and NONSETUID
Reference Directory ... This restricts anyone except PVCSUSER from changing/ deleting the executable while allowing anyone to run it. ... Reference Directory ... This restricts anyone except PVCSUSER from changing/ deleting the executable while allowing anyone to run it.
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