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CMS-XML Software Error: PVCS Answerline #586 Archive corruption withnogeneratedelta and delete revision; Not a PVCS
that the file is not a PVCS archive. From this point on the
CMS-XML VM Server Error: "Could not find directory. Check-in <workfile> Archive: <archive> File: <archive> Work Item: <file>"
2. 3. Make sure all directory references in the project configuration file are valid 4.Select the " delete workfile" option on check in (fixed in VM 6.8 (PVCS Pro Release 3.8))
CMS-XML Error serializing activated issues/Error deserializing activated issues error messages while trying to associate an item in TeamTrack or SBM in IBM Rational Application Developer
After the installation has completed: If you are using an existing workspace, clear the Rational Application Developer cache by deleting the following directory: <User workspace>\.metadata\.plugins\
CMS-XML How To: #1523 Directories to Check for Common " Cannot Delete/Create" and Other Errors
In most cases, these directories either do not exist for the user having the problem, or the user does not have the correct rights to one or more of these directories. The following information explains what these directories are, and where to determine their location. The users will need full access to these directories.
CMS-XML When importing VSQL data into Oracle, sqlplus gives error "User requested Interrupt or EOF detected"
INSERT INTO SolvCVRevs VALUES (1479343245,'1.3','larryw','2009-04-03-10.45.46','2009-04-03-10.47.44',1,6,0,'Added logic for Create & Delete ');
CMS-XML VM I-Net gives error "java.lang.IllegalStateException: unread block data" or " Unread data"
The file being fetched already exists and is "in use" because another application has the file open for writing (e.g. Microsoft Word). The file being fetched already exists and cannot be deleted due to permissions problems.
CMS-XML Software Error: #433 PVCS-MSVC Interface, error on install: 'MSVC.INI is corrupt.'
1) Make a backup copy of msvc.ini. 2) Delete extra tool items to allow enough space for the PVCS items . The following is an example of what the lines look like;
CMS-XML McAfee anti-virus update breaks Version Manager by incorrectly flagging it as containing the Exploit-CVE2012-0507 Trojan
A virus-signature update for the McAfee anti-virus scanner, deployed at or around June 6th 2012, is incorrectly flagging a crucial file used by Version Manager (vm.jar) as containing the Exploit-CVE2012-0507 Trojan. The scanner will subsequently delete all content , leaving a 0 byte file, thereby breaking the Version Manager installation.
CMS-XML VMINET: Error: 500 Location: /vminet_images/label.jsp Internal Servlet Error
VM Server 6.1 Through 6.7.00 Delete the content of <install_dir>\VMINET\jrun\jsm-default\services\jse\servlets\jsp\vminet_images. Restart VM Server.
CMS-XML Error: Unable to open project "foo". Another user may be updating part of the project such as the list of all files in the project. Wait a few seconds then try to open this project again.
If the file has been deleted , simply copy a PVCSFOLD.PUB from a project that can be opened but remove all the information except the header. Get the user to login and then run FOLDER | UPDATE PROJECT FOLDER
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