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CMS-XML Is Version Manager 8.5.3 affected by CVEs that include Tomcat 7.0.57 as an affected release?
... relate to vulnerabilities found in Tomcat 7 ... ... with Version Manager does not use the NIO ... was not updated to take ... ... with Version Manager does not have the JMX ... The ResourceLinkFactory did not limit web application access to global JNDI resources to those ... ... access any global JNDI resource whether an ... This is not applicable to the ... dedicated Tomcat sever is not shared by any application that was not shipped with Version ... ... a configured SecurityManager via manipulation of the ... This is not applicable to the ... dedicated Tomcat sever is not shared by any application that was not shipped with Version ...
CMS-XML VM I-Net Web Client unable to find Java on Firefox
To the immediate left of the URL in the address bar will be an icon of a red lego brick with a dash/minus symbol. When clicked it will show:
CMS-XML VM I-Net: Web client access to projects named "bin" or "App_Code" show error "404 - File or directory not found" when server is accessed through IIS 7+
+) as opposed to using the built-in Tomcat web-server (where URLs would typically include a port number like 8080, 8090, or 8443), attempts to access certain projects in the Project Database will fail with the error:
CMS-XML How does Version Manager locate a File Server / How to configure File Server access without using the Desktop Client GUI
First, the client tries to determine the location of the file that holds the URLs pointing to the File Server. The reference to this file (normally called servers.ini
CMS-XML FS: Accessing the File Server Administration URL from a workstation yields the error Remote Configuration is Disabled
Edit the file vm/common/tomcat/webapps/serenafs/WEB-INF/server-config.wsdd Locate the line: <parameter name="Mrnt.RemoteConfig" value="false
CMS-XML VM 6.8: Required Operating System patches for UNIX platforms
Solaris: Visit the URL on Sun's Java web-site and find the paragraph Download Solaris<sup>TM SPARC/Intel Operating System Patches
CMS-XML Problem: Problems with Exceed 6.0
Keywords: nfs splash pop flicker exceed 5.0 single More information on this (identified Exceed bug) can be found at the URL below, under Hummingbird's Technical Support section:
CMS-XML Serena VM Web Application Server does not work correctly after upgrading from a pre- release to VM or later
This issue may be noticed by desktop client users not being able to open their Project Databases, because the File Server is not running. ... WARNING: No rules found matching 'Server/GlobalNamingResources/ResourceParams/parameter/name'. ... WARNING: No rules found matching 'Server/GlobalNamingResources/ResourceParams/parameter/value'. ... SEVERE: Exception processing Global JNDI Resources ... Cannot create resource instance ... Cannot create resource instance ... LifecycleException: No UserDatabase component found under key UserDatabase
CMS-XML VM I-Net: Workfile Location browser is greyed out and shows no files. Add, Get and Put operations show java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError:
... Location dialog shows no files and is ... ... ), may find that, when ... problems shown above don't occur. The behavior described in this article should no longer exists as of Version Manager release 8.4.5 due to a revamped applet handler introduced in that release. ... The URL used to access the servlet includes characters after the servlet name. The URL used to access the servlet is changed during the session.
CMS-XML Version Manager could not create the semaphore
... (through the URL http:/ ... When found , select it ... If you are not using the Version ... If no specific semaphore directory ... If the above did not help to resolve the problem, try the following steps in order, retesting the operation after each step: Locate the semaphore directory as indicated above, and make sure a (semaphore) file can be created in there. ... File Server is not used ... Search the file system for *.lck and *-sem files and delete any that you find .
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