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CMS-XML Dimensions CM and PVCS Version Manager Web Client interfaces no longer work with Chrome as of version 45 (September 2015)
Click the Relaunch Now button that now appears at the bottom of the configuration page. To avoid this issue, Serena recommends using Firefox or Internet Explorer.
CMS-XML VM: Entry Point Not Found - The procedure entry point PVCSFSxxxxx could not be located in the dynamic link library pvcsfscli.dll
both exist in the PATH, and that they precede any other directory that contains a DLL with the same name. As a precaution you can place the VM diretories first in the path. This is especially important on systems that also have Dimensions CM installed on them, as this product typically includes an older version of the same DLL.
CMS-XML The Merge tool window position obscures part or all of the window.
The pane of the details for the merge tool for PVCS Version Manager or Dimensions CM /Dimensions Express position makes it so that part of the contents of the window are not visible or the scrollbar is not accessible.
CMS-XML How to enable SLM client logging?
Perform the following actions on the machine that is communicating with the SLM server (e.g. SBM server, CM server, RM server, PVCS VM server or client): Windows: Do one of the following:
CMS-XML Serena License Manager 2.1.4 (SLM 2.1.4)
Version 2.1.4 of Serena License Manager is compatible with: Serena Dimensions CM 10.1.0 and 10.1.1 Serena Dimensions RM 10.1.0 and 10.1.1
CMS-XML Java Applet gives certificate revocation warning or fails to run after installing Java 7 Update 25 (or newer) on clients in a secured network
When Java 7 Update 25 (or newer) is installed on an end-user's PC in a secured network, meaning a network that cannot reach the Internet, attempts to run the web client for Dimensions CM or PVCS Version Manager may result in an warning similar to: If the Java Security Level has been set to Very High, instead of the message above users may get an error similar to: with the More Information button revealing:
softdm.menuDirSelect_CM: Pvcs /usr/softbench/menus/Softdm/ CM /Pvcs/MDF.m # $Header: /product/source/softbench/vcs/MDF.m_v 1.0 15 Nov 1991 08:46:08
CMS-XML What does SCC stand for?
The SCC interface is supported by Serena Dimensions CM and Serena PVCS Version Manager. If you are running Microsoft Visual Studio (VS) or Eclipse, please use the Rich IDE (RIDE) interface instead, as this newer technology provides a more enhanced user experience.
CMS-XML Error messages shown by Serena products that require SLM 2.2.0 when an older SLM server is being used
Dimensions CM or later. PVCS Version Manager 8.5.2 or later. Serena Business Manager 10.1.5 or later.
CMS-XML Click "ALERT: A57" for Java 1.7.x updates solutions for Serena web clients using the Java plug-in may randomly stop working after 14 January 2014.
Due to security enhancements that have been added to Java 7 as of update 25, the release of a new JRE on Oracle's website will automatically block certain features in the older versions of Java plug-ins that may be installed on your system. These blocked features will prevent the web client of certain Serena products from working, such as Dimensions CM and PVCS Version Manager. If you are using Dimensions CM, please see Knowledgebase Solution S140201
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