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CMS-XML Is Version Manager affected by the changes to the U.S. Daylight Saving Time (DST) for 2007?
To install the patch: patch file to your system. If you need to patch Version Manager on different types of UNIX / Linux systems, you may opt to download the larger file vm8xxx_DST_ patch1 _unix_patch.tar as that provide a single patch that can be used to update Version Manager on any of the supported UNIX / Linux platforms.
CMS-XML Error: #1513 PUT : " Invalid column range "
-Dean Chadwick, INTERSOLV Technical Support, 11/8 /96 ... To fix this specific problem with Win16 GPFs on 5.2.20 or 5.2.21 you must use the command line and perform a ... -Bill Davis, INTERSOLV Technical Support, 11/8 /96 ... In order to " fix " the archive, ... R & D may (repeat may) have a fix to one or both parts of this bug for
CMS-XML Support: VM6.5: HPUX Patches Needed For Java 1.1.6 and 1.1.7
Version Manager 6.5.00GA ships with Java version 1.1.6. The following patches must be installed on either HP/UX 10.20(w or s) and HP/UX 11.00(w or s). The information below is from the following HP WEB site:
CMS-XML VM 8.1.4.x - Fix to add support for JRE 1.6.0 Update 10 and newer (1.6.0_10, 1.6.0_11)
Instructions on how to install the patch can be found in the attached readme files. Please note that this patch needs to get reapplied after installing either or To check if the patch was correctly applied, perform the following steps after restarting the Serena VM Web Application Server:
CMS-XML DEV INT: Patch or Update for PVCS Version Manager, version 6.8.00
DEV INT: PVCS Version Manager 6.8.00 Service Pack 1 .
CMS-XML Patch or Update for PVCS, Version Manager, version 6.8.0
This patch contains 3 defect fixes for development interfaces and one new feature. The defect fixes are for the following problems: 1 Erroneous Prompt for a New Product Key [1034633] 2 Check Out Status Is Incorrectly Displayed in PowerBuilder 8 [1034635] 3 Memory Errors with COM IDEs [1034106] The new feature is the ability to stop the PVCSCLIServ Service.
CMS-XML Version Manager 8.1.2 patch for LDAP login sources
Version Manager 8.1.2 cannot operate on Project DataBases that use the LDAP login source. An attempt to perform an operation on one of these Project Databases results the following error message:
CMS-XML Version Manager patch for VM on UNIX platforms
1 .0 Defects Fixed in Version Manager 1.1 GUI, CLI, PCLI, and DTK Defects Fixed 1.1.1 LDAP Connection to Microsoft Active Directory Server via SSL Fails [1039896]
CMS-XML VMINET: PVCS Version Manager Server 6.7.11 Service Pack 1 for Windows
VMINET: PVCS Version Manager Server 6.7.11 Service Pack 1 for Windows Below is the readme for this patch :
CMS-XML About: #1471 Changing a version label from floating to fixed.
1 . select file(s) with floating label. 2. Actions / Version Label 3. browse to floating label in Assign Version Label
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