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HTML Merant PVCS Version Manager Release Notes
If %TOMCAT_INSTALL% Is Set then VM I-Net will Not Serve Content Correctly [1036254] If you set a value for TOMCAT_INSTALL or CLASSPATH in your environment, those values could interfere with the correct operation of VM I-Net. The VM I-Net startup scripts have been modified to prevent this problem from occurring.
MS-WORD For VM Server installation on Windows:
%JAVA_HOME%\java - classpath "% CLASSPATH %" -Dpvcs.tempFiles=..\temp -Djava.path=. -Djava.library.path=. -Dpvcs.daemons.useDaemons=false
TEXT ReadmeVSS.txt
Please refer to the PVCS Version Manager Administrator's Guide for information about how to use this utility. Installation ~~~~~~~~~~~~ The installation of this product MUST be in the directory where Version Manager is installed. If the current location of Version Manager is different from where it was originally installed (i.e. moved to a different location or renamed), the installation will succeed but the Utility will fail to run unless you modify the CLASSPATH and PATH environment variables.
CMS-XML Problem: VMINET: JWS cannot handle environment variables with quoted strings.
The affected variables are PATH , JAVA_HOME , and CLASSPATH
CMS-XML VM: Where do my jar files come from? (OBJ ID: 6603)
6. The ..\lib directory 7. POSTCLASSPATH (if CLASSPATH is undefined)* Note: items with * can be defined in ISLV.INI
TEXT error_text_5898.txt
------------------------- CLASSPATH = :/app/vm510/vm/solaris/bin/../../../pvcsprop:/app/vm510/vm/solaris/lib/pvcs.jar:/app/vm510/vm/
CMS-XML MVR: Deploys fail with "Unknown OS = Windows 2003" after applying DST patch for VM
Find the line that says: set CLASSPATH =. Add the following line below this:
MS-WORD How to install VM WebDAV Server as a Service
Make sure the following entries exist for the .jar files (in the \WebDAV\tomcat\lib directory) listed below in the additional classpath section of the file (do not allow duplicate entries):
CMS-XML Logging into VM I-Net shows "Loading" in right window and no project tree.
Weblogic Developer Edition is installed on each developers workstation. Weblogic writes a classpath statement that calls a class file common to the VM I-Net applet, which causes VM I-Net's call to be redirected to Weblogic. If the classpath is modified to look for VM I-Net's applet first, Weblogic fails.
CMS-XML PVCS Version Manager mitigation of 'log4j2' compromise - CVE-2021-44228
Replace the lines: set CLASSPATH =% CLASSPATH %;%PVCS_HOME%\common\libcerttool\log4j-api-2.3.jar; set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%PVCS_HOME%\common\libcerttool\log4j-core-2.3.jar;
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