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CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Permissions to perform a remote FI operation on a Unix box
For user file operations, Dimensions makes no attempt to bypass OS permissions. Dimensions will recursively create paths, but you must have search (x) permission on all directories that already exist in that path and write (w) permission on the first directory where Dimensions has to create something. Read permission should not be necessary, but it's advisable because the implementation of the C runtime function getcwd() depends on it on some UNIX platforms.
CMS-XML Project Merge tool Save Target unavailable after incorrect request specified during save operation
Current workaround is to toggle at least ONE change to reset the Save Target button and allow the Save action again
CMS-XML Dim12: When doing an UPDATE, an error of MDA4501691E Error: Failed to open file "...\.metadata\....metadata-item" for writing: fopen() failed with 13 (Permission denied) occurs
NCL4501193E Error: failure closing file C:\Work\S101\code\data\k2.sql Failed to update 'C:\Work\S101\code\data\k2.sql' using Item 'DEMO:K2 SQL-4785947.A-SRC;S101#11' 0 file transfer operation succeeded, 1 failed.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9:11944-DBA_NET_NOT_ALLOWED DBA operations not permitted with %s defined
Please gather any applicable information from the list below and contact Dimensions Support for help with this error message. What you need to troubleshoot:
CMS-XML Dim CM 2009 R2: Undo Checkout operation leaves file writeable on Unix
If you check out from the Desktop Client to a UNIX work area, and perform an "undo checkout" with "Automatic Get" selected, the work file is still writeable rather than read-only. A single "Get" will make the file 'read only'.
CMS-XML DIM10: Save Report Functionality does not allow cloning of reports
- run the report - now edit the report, change the name to "Test 2" and some criteria and try to save it as a copy of report "Test 1" Expected Result
CMS-XML CM: Unable to save groups in Edit Work Areas under Users/Groups Granted Permissions to Access this Area
Log in to Administration Console. Go to Areas - Work Areas - Select Work Area to Edit Work Area - Scroll down and try adding a group to Users/Groups Granted Permissions to Access this Area - save the change - verify the change - group not retained.
CMS-XML DIM10: VS2005 Integration: Allows check-in of unsaved files and is not saved after check-in
2.Check out any source file (Item) and relate the above Request 3.Modify the code (don’t save file) 4. Right click on Job and select Complete
CMS-XML Dim10: NOT operation is lost from query builder having saved the query
To do this select Request from the Relationships tree in the query builder and add it to the Query Criteria field. Once there the NOT operator is clicked. If you save this query, exit and then open the Query Builder again the NOT operator has been lost.
CMS-XML Dim: Build: How to define a build that has multiple outputs and allow all the outputs to be captured
A build was defined with a single target that produced multiple outputs . However when the build was run and the option to capture outputs was selected, none of the files that were generated were uploaded back into the Dimensions repository. E.g.
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