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CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Is there a way to include empty workset directories in a baseline, release or get (recursive)?
KM-Dim9: Is there a way to include empty workset directories in a baseline , release or get (recursive)?
CMS-XML Dimensions returns error when user tries to revise a baseline with a directory item.
A baseline exists that contains a directory item.
CMS-XML Dim: How to baseline s single folder structure
b) Relate all of the items to a design part that only those items are on then you can take a baseline of only that design part. Then only those items will be included in the baseline. However the down side is once the items are related to the request and in the baseline you can not change the design part they are related to.
CMS-XML Folder offset is broken when doing Get (recursive) on sub-project baseline
User then does a recursive Get on the baseline sub-project. The baseline contents are fetched to work area, but folder offset is not included in the path to work area
CMS-XML Dim: Upgrade to CM - Baselines and projects in schema fails to upgrade because of path conflicts between directories and directory items
DBA3200088E Path conflict: Directory UID 5528454 conflicts with item 'TESTMAN:LIB-5279050.A-DAT' at 'etc/Utilities/TESTMM0001MYFILE/Lib/'. DBA3200873E "TESTBASELINE:BASELINE_2.0.2" contains path conflicts. Examples of Project failures
CMS-XML KM-Dim6: SP2: Items are not being created in the correct directory location for a revised baseline
Attached to this article are patches for NT and Solaris. Should you require the patch for a different platform please contact the answerline and quote defect number 1021610. The defect needs to be applied to all PVCS Dimensions server installations including DFS nodes.
CMS-XML : full filename not updated in baseline view after doing SWF followed by a CRB
/ PART ="PAYROLL:VC.A;1" /WS_FILENAME=" folder 1/ folder 2/ folder 3/item_one.c" /FORMAT="C" /COMMENT="Initial Revision" /CHANGE_DOC=("PAYROLL_CR_28",) /KEEP Create Item - Item PAYROLL:ITEM ONE C-73210370X1200X0.A-SRC;1 has been forwarded to DMSYS Operation completed
CMS-XML Dim CM 12.2: Eclipse recommends additions rather than deletions when merging streams and baselines
Using the Eclipse plugin if you merge a Stream and a Baseline that contains files and folders which have been deleted those deletions are not propagated properly. The deleted folder is shown as a conflict and deleted items are shown as additions to the workspace. The following scenario from the demo QLARIUS product illustrates the problem.
CMS-XML Dim10: Revised baseline places item at original location item was created from, not its current location
This happens because new functionality for refactoring was added in Dimensions 10.1.3 The project directory changes, and moving items into another directory, are now tracked via requests. So, when creating a revised baseline , the requests tracking the refactoring changes should be included in the CRB command, then items will be placed in the correct project directories in the baseline .
CMS-XML Release function removes at-sign (@) from directory names
-perform a get, you will see that the FI command is performed with the ESC character and the directory is created correctly in the file system (test@test) however if you create a built baseline including that directory and file, and run a REL against it, you will notice that the @ symbol is not created correctly in the file system (testtest)……if you change DM_ESCAPE_CHAR to something else it works
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